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  • Internal Antennas
    Internal antennas fit within the enclosure or case of the radio transmitter, receiver, transceiver or waveguide. For example, a microstrip antenna may be in the formed onto the surface of a plastic case or on the printed circuit board. Surface mount device (SMD) or "chip" antennas are mounted
  • Integrated Low Noise Multi-Chip Amplifier Modules
    To amplify weak signals received by the antenna in communication systems, low noise amplifiers (LNAs) are deployed. LNAs are used in various applications, for example in, GPS receivers, wireless data systems, satellite communication, cellular handsets, radio systems, etc. The low noise
  • Combi Chips
    Combi chips are plastic smart cards with a central processing unit (CPU), chip operating system (COS), security module and memory embedded in the surface as an IC chip. They incorporate both contact and contactless functions. A single chip can serve as an ID, be used in place of cash, and pay
  • MCP2030 Three-Channel Analog Front-End Device Overview
    these capacitors up to 63 pF, 1 pF per step. These internal TABLE 1: PINOUT DESCRIPTION tuning capacitors can be used effectively for fine-tuning Names Description of the external LC resonant circuit. Supply Voltage: 1.8 - 3.6V.V DD External LC resonant antenna circuits are connected to Chip select
  • Anaren AIR Module Users Manual: A2500R24x (.pdf)
    This is a users manual to assist engineers in the use of Anaren's A2500R24A and A2500R24C surface mount "AIR" modules, which incorporate TI CC2500 low-power RF chip technology and include an integrated crystal, internal voltage regulator, matching circuitry and filtering. The A2500R24A has
  • Circuit Ideas: Setting Up a Low-Power Transceiver
    There are a variety of transceiver chips available that feature low-power consumption. This makes them candidates for use where power comes from batteries. One chip in this category is the TI CC1000 which works in the UHF range. It is often powered from a 3-V coin cell and uses less than 10 mA
  • Peter Cochrane
    have seen chip technologies that will reduce power consumption tenfold and new design techniques that will give a further reduction by a factor of six or more. I have also looked at new antenna
  • Embedded Wireless Made Easy
    , with a gain exceeding 3 dBi. The main components that make up self-contained wireless Ethernet modules include a single-chip CPU, static RAM and flash memory, a transceiver chip, and another chip that executes the 802.11b MAC protocol. In the case of WiPort modules, the controller is a 186-style device

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