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  • SOI CMOS Technology for RF System-on-Chip Applications (.pdf)
    CMOS technology is one of the most promising choices for RF applications. Its highly integrated nature provides true RF system-on-chip integration.Silicon-oninsulator (SOI) CMOS offers specific additional design advantages that include a significant reduction in cross-talk between RF and digital
  • Dewar-to-Dewar Data Transfer at 2 Gigabits per Second
    Abstract-Digital circuits have been developed to interface. superconductive electronic chips with high speed 50-O. transmission lines. Digital data at 2 Gigabits per second was. transferred fioin a Josephson chip in a first crvostat to another. Josephson chip in a second crvostat. The chips were
  • Interfacing Microchips MCP3201 ADC to MC68HC11E9-Based Microcontroller
    Many of the embedded control systems designed today require some flavor of Analog-to-Digital (A/D) Converter. Embedded system applications such as Data Acquisition, Sensor Monitoring, and Instrumentation and Control all have varying A/D Converter requirements. Interfacing Microchip�s MCP3201 Analog
  • An Advanced Steering Wheel Sensor
    track changes at a time. This allows any indecision during edge transition to be limited to plus or minus one count (see Figure 4). Natural binary code is converted from the grey code through digital logic. A latch option is used to lock this code to prevent ambiguities should the output change during
  • Redesigning OEM Products Using PC/104 Computers
    these devices to provide internal. automation to their products. Quantities. Clocks,. are even higher for 8-bit microcontroller. Timers, Logic. RAM. chips to OEMs. So where are these CPUs. Address, Data, and Control Signals. being used, and what does this mean to the. Signal. Digital. Analog. Signal
  • Simplify A/D Converter Interface with Software
    Integrating analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) featuring binary-coded decimal (BCD) outputs for display interface offer a number of excellent features, as well as high resolution, at a very low cost. These advantages include auto-zeroing, sign-magnitude coding, noise averaging, and high impedance
  • TC7135 Microprocessor Interface (TC7135)
    Many data acquisition systems require both a visual display and a computer interface. The TC7135 from Microchip Technology is a 4-1/2 digit Analog-to-Digital converter (ADC) which can easily provide both of these functions. The TC7135s multiplexed BCD outputs interface easily to low cost LED or LCD
  • Implementation of Fast Fourier Transforms
    Fourier transforms are one of the fundamental operations in signal processing. In digital computations, Discrete Fourier Transforms (DFT) are used to describe, represent, and analyze discrete-time signals. However, direct implementation of DFT is computationally very inefficient. Of the various