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Panasonic's raw converter corrects geometric distortion and chromatic aberration on such cameras as the LX3,[3[4[5 with necessary correction

Towards a spatio-chromatic standard observer for detection...
2.2. COLOUR DIRECTIONS To estimate the achromatic and the two chromatic contrast sensitivity functions (cCSF) and the summation coefficient between

Meaning of CHROMATIC COLOUR &nbsp WordNet Dictionary chromatic color, spectral color, spectral colour

letters to nature a Colour tuning in human visual V1 cortex...
of 1, 4 and 10 Hz. correspond to the chromatic pathways5,13, but other results show The first experiments measured colour tuning in a red?green broad

Non-Uniformities in Colour Balancing EE362 Project Non-Uniform Chromatic Aberration Compensation Using Colour Balancing Techniques [pdf

The chromatic number of the graph G, that is, the minimum number of colours required to colour the vertices of G such that no two adjacent vertices

Colour | DCM Process Control
Often colour is used as a surrogate for other factors such as treatability of water and confusion often occurs between actual chromatic colour and

Apple ? Aperture ? Aperture in depth.
Converts Colour Labels in Finder On import, Aperture 3 automatically
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Apple ? Aperture ? Plug-ins, Workflows and Other Extras
Genuine colour correction by point and click. The most powerful and precise tool available to control light and colour in photographic images.
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