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...rate of 120 g/t, whiteness of the furnish was increased by 7 CIE Whiteness points for the pure bleached furnish and 9 points for furnish treated with FDA compliant TINOPAL ABP-Z liquid. The control of chromaticity coordinates by these shading pigments is demonstrated in Figure 3.9. IRGALITE...

...areas under the wood-derived peaks rela­. probe. The spectrometer SpectraWiz software trans­. tive to the total peak areas under the polyethylene-de­. forms spectral data into CIE LAB color coordinates on. rived peaks. Calibration curves were based on tests of. the basis of a D65 light source (L... for spectroelectrochemistry. The precise color. coordinates were then recorded as a function of potential using a Minolta CS-100. Chroma-Meter and the CIE (Commission Internationale de l´Eclairage) recommended. (0/0) illuminating/viewing geometry for transmission measurements. The sample was. illuminated from behind...

...and are able to measure values more accurately than the human eye. The term "True Color" is in relation to the characteristics of a sensor type, which consist of filters featuring "better than human eye" standards, the DIN 5033 (or CIE 1931 XYZ color space). These filters consist of a specific allocation...

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