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  • Printed Circuit Boards
    Printed Circuit Boards. Written by a world-renowned electronics expert, this reader-friendly guide helps engineers and technicians solve issues in PCB layout, fabrication, assembly, and testing.
  • Connecting Flat Panels to Circuit Boards
    The two most common devices for connecting glass flat-panel displays to printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the elastomeric connector and the heat-seal connector. The elastomeric connector is the older connecting method and is commonly used in preassembled liquid-crystal display (LCD) modules
  • The Basics of Circuit Board Soldering
    Since we have done quite a few product reviews lately, we have decided a basic "how-to " article would be an appropriate post. The following is a series of steps to take when practicing the art of basic circuit board soldering. First of all, you need to make sure you have all of the equipment
  • Easier circuit-board assembly
    Printed-circuit-board assembly begins and ends when PCBs are moved out of and into carriers called magazines. As they travel through the line, the boards may be unloaded and loaded several times before assembly is complete. But building and operating these assembly lines can be expensive. Faster
  • Honey, I shrunk the circuit board
    with flexible circuit boards. Unlike COB, however, the raw IC mounts with the contact pads against the circuit board, where they align with contact pads on the substrate. This eliminates bonded wires so other flip chips or reflow-soldered components can be placed within a millimeter of each other
  • Printed Circuit Board Emission Control
    One of the world's largest printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers was required to install air pollution abatement equipment to control the VOCs emitted during their soldering and coating process. Three main considerations were important to the customer: * The need for a system with a competitive
  • Improving Signal Integrity in Circuit Boards by Incorporating Absorbing Materials
    Electrical signals that propagate through vias between layers of metal planes in the circuit boards will generate radial waves that are guided by the planes. Multiple reflections of these parallel plate waves from the edges of the circuit board will cause resonances that greatly increase
  • Laser Staking Securely Joins Plastic Parts for Printed-Circuit Boards
    Laser staking automates printed-circuit-board packaging without damaging delicate electronics. LPKF Laser & Electronics AG * Laser staking positively locks two dissimilar plastics together. * Staking can mount printed-circuit boards in plastic housing. * It also permits process tracking
    Epoxy-glass laminate constructions are used in the majority of rigid printed circuit boards. The epoxy resin cure and resulting mechanical properties are very dependent upon the accurate formulation of the glass laminate resin coating solution.
  • Circuit Board Cleaning: Cleaning with Solvent-Alternative Chemistries
    developed methods for successfully cleaning printing circuit boards with semi-aqueous chemistry and with saponified aqueous solutions. Both methods are environmentally acceptable CFC alternatives. Board with surface mount components benefit from cleaning with ultrasonic energy, which efficiently removes

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