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  • Circuit Breakers
    . On ac, the impedance changes as an iron core moves into the coil. Hydraulic-magnetic breakers have a different ampere-turn ratio for ac than for dc; thus, they should be used on their respective types of current. This is also true of 400 and 60-Hz breakers. An instantaneous circuit breaker responds
  • Selecting Circuit Breakers (.pdf)
    A circuit breaker to most design engineers is thought of as a low cost commodity component that usually doesn't get much attention when designing a new piece of equipment or system. In fact, on many occasions I have heard someone say, "It doesn't matter I just need a circuit breaker." The fact
  • Electromagnetic simulation of a low voltage industrial circuit breaker
    This article demonstrates the workflow for the electromagnetic simulation of a circuit industrial circuit breaker using the CST EM STUDIO (R) (CST EMS).
  • Arc Movement Inside an AC/DC Circuit Breaker
    Abstract-Within this project, the mode of operation of the circuit breaker and its new innovative method of arc guiding were analyzed and verified. The solution refers to a switching device that is able to deal with both ac switching loads and bidirectional dc switching loads.
  • Circuit Breaker Selective Trip Coordination in 225A and 400A Distribution Panelboards (.pdf)
    With the increase of transformer size in the data center, much higher levels of available fault current are being seen. The use of "zero-crossing" circuit breakers to handle these faults, often in the range of 16,000 to 30,000 amps, is not advisable. All too often, the main circuit breaker trips
  • Switches & Circuit Breakers: To Hermetically Seal or Not (.pdf)
    Not every unsealed or sealed panel switch, potentiometer, or circuit breaker needs environmental exposure protection from adverse conditions on the ground, in the air or on or under the water. But, for those controls that must operate where dust, dirt, moisture, water, lubricants, fungus, snow, ice
  • Sizing Circuit Breakers for Self-Regulating Heat Tracers (.pdf)
    Circuit breaker sizing for S/R tracers is quite easily accomplished by using the specification sheet data or CompuTrace (R) heat tracing design software. However, sometimes an engineer or designer asks "What is the technical basis for sizing data and the resulting design values?" This ThermoTip
  • Use of Motor Protection Circuit Breakers with Variable- Frequency Drives
    A motor branch circuit, including a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and one or more Motor Protection Circuit Breakers (MPCBs), is a complex system and its performance depends on all components, devices, configuration and their interconnection. This publication explains some considerations
  • Life Insurance for Switches & Circuit Breakers Surviving Harsh Environments
    Unsealed electromechanical switches and circuit breakers offer limited environmental protection against harsh. environmental contamination penetration. For example: controls mounted on oil/gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico,. to ski mobiles in the Arctic to the Antarctic, constant exposure
  • Selectivity Analysis in Low Voltage Power Distribution Systems with Fuses & Circuit Breakers (.pdf)
    Interest in complete overcurrent device selectivity has increased due to the addition of selectivity requirements to articles 700, 701, and 708 of the National Electrical Code (NFPA70). Many users, both commercial and industrial, use fuses and circuit breakers simultaneously. Traditional

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