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  • Operating Principles for Photoelectric Sensors
    for detection. In the use of these photocells, it is important to bear in mind the color and the type of surface of the object. With opaque surfaces, the sensing distance is affected by the color of the object. Light colors correspond to the maximum distances and vice versa. In the case of shiny
  • Opto Sensors - Typical Applications
    switch. Opto. Aleph Opto Sensor Application-Notes. Home. About Aleph. Marketing Contacts. Staff Contacts. Sales Offices and Distributors. Products. Reed Switches. Reed Relays. Passive Infrared Detectors. Photoelectric Beams. Opto Sensors. Proximity Sensors. Automotive Sensors. Level Sensors. Flow
  • Small Unit (Sensor) Tackles Large Jobs
    the. controller adjusts the laser illumination such, that the same signal quality is obtained on. dark and light surfaces and is thereby “colorblind”, meaning that all colors are measured. equally well. In addition, the controller monitors the Teach-in-key and –circuit. If the. sensor has been trained
  • Laser Cutting Thin, Rigid Flex Circuits with Fiber Lasers
    Thin, rigid flex circuit is the type of material used for making a printed circuit board (PCB). It describes the board itself with no copper covering. The thin, rigid flex circuit material used in PCBs is typically UV stabilized with a tetrafunctional resin system. It is typically a yellowish color
  • A CMOS Active Pixel Image Sensor with In-pixel CDS for High-Speed Cameras (.pdf)
    , this paper describes the comparison made between this. sensor and conventional 3-transistor pixel circuitry. 2. IMAGE SENSOR DEVICE AND CIRCUITS. Fig. 1 shows an example of structure of a high-speed image sensor. The whole sensor is roughly divided into three. major parts of the pixel array
  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation
    to a computer-controlled. defibrillator. The circuits actually work, and the schematics are completely readable. The project descriptions are targeted to an audience that has an understanding of. circuit design as well as experience in electronic prototype construction. You will understand. all of the math
  • Surviving Harsh Environments
    Turning to capture growing markets with harsh environments, manufacturers are creating a new breed of sensor with the operating temperatures, materials and functionality that make them more rugged. Industrial Sensors | Surviving Harsh Environments | Control Design. Log In Register. Search Tips
  • Wired 11.03: Start
    digital cameras use filters that permit light sensors to capture only one primary color per pixel. From there, a signal processor runs algorithms that approximate the missing colors by sampling nearby pixels. That guessing game introduces telltale lines and whorls into the final picture. Foveon found
  • Medical Device Link .
    LPX series lightpipes transmit the light from a surface-mounted circuit board LED to a display panel. The light pipes can also blend the hues of new multi-color LEDs. The devices are available with three display lens shapes and produce up to a 160 viewing angle. 7920-G Arjons Dr., San Diego, CA
  • AN113 Phase Angles and Time Delays
    signal conditioning modules' filter circuits. Internal filtering enhances sensor signal integrity of signal conditioning modules (SCM) by eliminating undesirable frequency and noise components. However, the inherent characteristic of this type of filtering functionality adds a phase angle