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Parts by Number for Circular Level Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
100 Global Industrial Johnson Level & Tool Mfg. Co. Inc Not Provided Circular Level

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  • Compliant Tail (Press-Fit) Contacts in Mil Circular Connectors (.pdf)
    motherboard to daughter card styles. Conesys, Inc. has taken this technology and applied it to the military and commercial aviation world to design, manufacture and deliver compliant tail circular connectors. Microsoft Word - White Paper on Compliant Tail Circular Connectors v3.doc. Compliant Tail
  • Fluid Bed Dryer-Screener System Quadruples Production of Granular Chemical
    it without difficulty. We also had operating experience and a comfort level with circular vibratory screeners that look and function similar to a circular fluidized bed dryer, " he says. Circular Fluid Bed Dryer/Screener Operation. Converted material from storage containers is fed into the top inlet
  • The Evolution of Modern High-Capacity Pellet Classifiers
    weights. The screen assembly is supported on the circular base by springs that allow the assembly to vibrate freely, while preventing transmission of vibration to the floor. In properly designed units, the wire screen-cloth does not flex; thus, its life is prolonged. All parts above the spring level
  • Ball Bearing Overview
    Single-row deep groove ball bearings are the most common type of rolling bearing, having a wide range of suitable applications. The raceway grooves on both inner and outer rings have circular arcs of slightly larger radius than that of the balls. In addition to radial loads, axial loads can
  • Corner Speed Control on Vector Moves (.pdf)
    Linear interpolation and circular interpolation applications may call for a slow down around corners with a small radius or discontinuities in the vector path. There are two methods to achieve this slow down. The first is to have the user/application on host perform the path and generate a local
  • Medical Device Link .
    . The five-axis machine fabricates small components with micron-level accuracy. The newest generation of Kern�s high-precision series, the MMP performs a number of functions, including micromilling and drilling, surface and profile grinding, circular grinding, and jig grinding. The machine has
  • Blower System Design Tips (.pdf)
    In a regenerative blower, the compression space consists of a hollow, circular ring between the tips of the impeller blades and the walls of the housing. In operation, the rotating impeller draws in air from the inlet port into the compression space and moves it radially outward to the curved
  • Medical Device Link .
    - and cold-runner systems, the impact of circular and noncircular gates, and a variety of mold cavity designs, including single-cavity, multicavity, and family molds. An option to assign multiplicity factors for mold cavities in order to receive multicavity simulation results from the modeling of only one