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  • Engineering of a CDMA radio uplink for a mobile radio demonstration system
    IEE Proc -Conimun, Vol 144 , Nc 5, October 1997 The output of the mobile station transmitter is then fed (through a circulator ) to the antenna. A lOMHz reference frequency and a 70 MHz intermediate frequency are available as inputs to the transmitter.
  • Author Index, Nov. 1980, Part II
    � M7T v24 n9 Sep 76628 (1�F14) Overgaard, Jens; Biological effect of 27.12- MHz short-wave diathermic � rian, and Clare E. Barnes; The compact turnstile circulator ; T-MTT vf8 n12 Dec 70 1096- I � ar 66 136- 144 Oxley, Christopher H., Anthony M. Howard, and Jeffrey J. Purcell; Desi n and �
  • Coherent 95 GHz High Power Radar
    � and fsp Wp(R) = 1-9 to 3'9 GHz� then tne second IF� fIF> wil1 = 10� MHz � which separates the received signals into its orthogonal polarization components, and a fixed circulator which separates the � 144 / SPIE Vol. 544 Millimeter Wave Technology III (1985 .
  • An Integrated Receiver Frontend for a 94 GHZ Dual Polarization Radar
    The reasured insertion loss characteristics of the circulator junction are plotted in Fig. 5. The minimun insertion loss amounts to 1.6 dB, the 3 dB bandwidth is 1100 MHz . 144 95 .
  • An Asymmetric B Factory based on PEP
    � Magnets are recuperated t'romPEP:- 192 5.4 m dipoles, 20 low field dipoles, 192 quadrupoles and 144 � measured magnetically and the results compared with the klystrons at the B Factory frequency of 476 MHz . be attached to two cavities via a circulator .
  • Technology requirements of the 3GPP-TDD terminal
    The data converter bandwidths must be increased to cope with the 5 MHz bandwidth of TD- CDMA. � shown in the implementation would also be required in a high data rate TDD terminal (> 144 kb/s). Also a circulator may be required in the transmit chain depending on the implementation to allow small �
  • 2004 Index
    Jian Yang, + , T- MTT Jun 04 1615-1621 Circulators; cf. Ferrite circulators; Microwave circulators; Millimeter wave circulators Clocks 144 -Gbit/s selector and 100-Gbit/s 4:1 MUX, InP HEMTs. 250 nm CMOS, breakdown voltage protection and prog. cond. angle, 900 MHz GSM PA.
    476 MHz , single cell with HOM damping High gap voltage and heavy beam loading High HOM load power High � � 5 M? operation: 850 kV, 95 kW, 2.2A, 3.8 M? highest HOMs ~1.8 k?, 144 k?/m Fabrication in-house � circulator .
  • Investigation on stimulated Brillouin scattering characteristics in a highly doped Bismuth-based Erbium-doped fiber
    An external tunable laser source (TLS) with a linewidth of approximately 20 MHz is used as a Brillouin pump (BP), which is injected into the cavities via a circulator in ring cavity and via a 20 dB coupler in the loop mirror � The BP and 1480 nm pump power are fixed at 6 dBm and 144 mW, respec tively.
  • Fluorescence Probes for Cyclodextrin Interiors
    It is connected to an external water circulator in order to dissipate the heat absorbed by the � A 486 DX-II/66- MHz PC, supporting a GEM/3 environment, is inter- faced to the system via � 144 .

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