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  • Notes for Ultrasonic Sensor Applications
    that might happen to the application or problems in mounting. Power Supply. While a sensor may draw only 35-40 mA at 24 V, it may require up to 150 mA at the time of transmit. If a power supply is current limited, the sensor may suffer as it would from a decrease of available voltage. The sensor would
  • Temperature Sensor Comparison Guide
    . Small to medium. Temperature Sensor Advantages and Disadvantages. Sensor. Advantages. Disadvantages. Thermocouple. No resistance leadwire problems. Fastest response. Simple, rugged. Inexpensive. High temperature operation. Point temperature sensing. Non-linear. Low voltage. Least stable
  • Optimize HVAC and Process System Efficiency by Matching Your Plant and Processes To The Right Flow Measurement Technology
    applications. Additionally,. the inherent mass flow reading compensates for any. Electromagnetic. The velocity of a conductive liquid. effect due to temperature or density differences in the. can be determined by passing it through a magnetic. fluid. field and measuring the developed voltage
  • DeviceNet TM Power Guide (.pdf)
    DeviceNet has many advantages over point to point wiring. One main advantage is that the network can carry power to the input devices. This feature reduces the number of cables and simplifies the overall design. However, since the cable carries power over long distances, voltage drop and current
  • CPTC Thermistor Application Guide
    . Resistor of temperature at TS-5. RTS-5 , Max. d. Resistor of temperature at 25. R25. e. Maximum operating voltage. Vmax. 3. Principle of temperature sensor. The PTC thermistor is connected into the bridge arm of a comparator circuit (see Fig. 27). At normal. temperature, PTC thermistor resistance (Rp
  • Challenges in Electric Power Measurement
    for induction motor testing. Three 1V–1000V voltage inputs have one common terminal. The current inputs are galvanically isolated from each other and from the voltage inputs. The ranges are 100mA-3A, and1A-40A. The clamp input for external current sensors can be scaled for display of actual current
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) System
    . The design of the RF receiver. • Microchip’s rfPIC12F675 MCU/RF transmitter IC. module falls beyond the intent of this document. A. functional RF receiver module is assumed. • Sensonor SP-13 (pressure, temperature and. low-voltage sensor IC). LF Commander Device. In addition, the S/TX also includes LF input
  • A Simple Circuit for Driving Microcontroller Friendly PWM Generators
    -. The shutdown input, GP1, is tied to whatever remote. ply voltage, a digital temperature sensor and the shut-. start-up logic is desired. The software polls the input to. down input. The remaining output is the output driving. determine if a shutdown is requested and terminates. the MCP1630 clock input