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Parts by Number for Clamping Chuck Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
7-864-0500 Global Industrial Toolmex Corp. Not Provided 3-Jaw Quick Clamping Scroll Chuck Steel Body, Plain Back, 5" .00059 T.I.R
7-864-0400 Global Industrial Toolmex Corp. Not Provided 3-Jaw Quick Clamping Scroll Chuck Steel Body, Plain Back, 4" .00059 T.I.R
7-869-0300 Global Industrial Toolmex Corp. Not Provided 6-Jaw, Quick Clamping Scroll Chuck, Steel Body, Plain 3" .00059 T.I.R

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  • Collet-Lok (R) Provides Perfect Locking of Clamping Elements Without Hydraulic Pressure
    Operating principle of Collet Lok: The plunger is mechanically locked by a chuck and the clamping force maintained without hydraulic pressure. 1 = Collet; 2 = Wedge; 3 = Indexmechanisme.
  • Riding herd on runout
    and corresponding clamping ranges. In a typical collet chuck system, the collet angle is 16º, which offers a clamping range of 0.039 ". However, the tradeoff to having this range is less runout control and less clamping force. For example, BIG Mega New Baby collet chucks have a 12º angle, giving them only a 0.020
  • Andretti Autosport Finds Shared DNA, Culture with BIG Kaiser
    with the BIG-PLUS dual contact interface, provides high rigidity during high speed finish end milling. The shallow taper, long body design and exact size clamping diameter of the Mega E collet provides the powerful and concentric clamping necessary to achieve excellent surface finishes. Andretti
  • Avoiding holding penalties
    collet chucks consist of a collet holder body, a collet that is inserted into the body and a nut that tightens a screw over the collet. The collet forms around the round tool shank and exerts a strong clamping force when the nut is tightened. Collet chucks hold the cutting tool concentrically
  • Oil Fields Good
    the capacity of the table, because the. standard trademarked Big Bore through hole front-mounted. fixture clamps are on the bottom of a pallet or workpiece. pneumatic chuck to the latest self-centering, compensating. “With the clamping pin inserted into the bottom of a pallet or a chucks. “Putting pneumatic
  • Grinding out Bottlenecks
    be accomplished without part distortion. due to heat or clamping. The Stahli DLM series replaces the. loose abrasives with bonded conventional,. CBN or diamond particles in. fixed abrasive wheels. This produces. the same precision with stock-removal. rates 10 to 20 times faster than tradi-. F. Productive
  • Medical Device Link .
    necessary to make products, but that don�t create value from the customer�s standpoint. Such actions include reaching for a tool or clamping a fixture. � Waste: Actions that (a) create no value from. (Cover Story) Manufacturers get lean to trim waste (MDDI archive, Sep 04). Skip
  • Medical Device Link .
    ;, the HDL 4-in. work-holding units are two-station long vises that provide clamping performance repeatable to 0.0002 in. (0.0051 mm). Each station opens to a full 4 in. (10.16 cm) using the manufacturer 's standard hard-jaw system. Designed with an 80000-psi ductile-iron body
  • Holding Firm (.pdf)
    employ tight-tolerance, machine-mounted chucks to grip mounting knobs or bushings on the pallet, fixture or part. The one-step clamping action between the chuck and zero-point knob speeds part changeovers. The consistent relationship between the chuck and the knob assures repeatable part positioning
  • Heavy Traffic
    ways of gripping parts. Cutting Tool Engineering, September 2011--Heavy Traffic. September 2011 / Volume 63 / Issue 9. Heavy Traffic. By Kip Hanson. High-density workholding can squeeze more productivity from your machining center. Courtesy of Mitee-Bite. Clamping multiple parts on a 5th axis

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