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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
AD8037AN National Microchip Analog Devices Inc Not Provided IC VFB AMP OUTPUT CLAMPING 8-DIP

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  • Polygon Clamping Technology - Round Pegs in Polygonal Holes
    property of steel for tool clamping purposes has over time led to a comprehensive programme of high-precision tool clamping devices. Today, polygon clamping technology is applied from micro-cutting to rough machining. Users benefit from a number of outstanding properties: consistent high run-out
  • Proximity Sensing in Robotic Clamping Applications (.pdf)
    a detection device very near the application can provide. clamping.indd Proximity Sensing in Robotic. Clamping Applications. A White Paper. TURCK Inc. 3000 Campus Drive. Minneapolis, MN 55441. Phone: (763) 553-7300. Fax: (763) 553-0708. Application Support: 1-800-544-7769.
  • Transient Suppression Devices & Principles (.pdf)
    description will follow later in this section. A voltage-clamping device is a component having a variable impedance depending on the current flowing through the device or on the voltage across its terminal. These devices exhibit a nonlinear impedance characteristic that is, Ohm's law is applicable
  • Medical Device Link . MEDTEC Product Preview
    Adapters, valves, drip chambers, Y connectors, T fittings, injection sites, burette components, clamping devices, and filters are among the IV products supplied to medical device OEMs. A variety of latex-free components including Y connectors, T fittings, injection sites, and haemostasis
  • Fastener Failure Analysis: Preventable Fatigue Failure
    One of the most frequently encountered fastener failures involves fully preventable fatigue failure. This case study examines metallurgical failure analysis of fractured bolts, used in a clamping device to clamp the ends of a flexible vertical conveyor belt. This failure analysis case study
  • Medical Device Link .
    Validating Medical Packaging at the Source. Makers of packaging equipment increasingly supply validation tools to help customers meet international standards. Kelly Donoghue. A 15-mm-wide test strip of material is sliced off using the ht 150 SCD's integrated cutter and is inserted into a clamping device
  • Laser Welding 3D Contoured Thermoplastics (.pdf)
    the laser energy and to apply the necessary contact force, thus eliminating the need for a verticle, mechanical clamping device. To accomplish this, a glass ball on a frictionless air-bearing is put into position and pressure is applied via a self contained pneumatic slide
  • Laser Assembly of Microfluidic Devices (.pdf)
    with minimal. to minutes. loss and converted into heat in the absorbing part. By. Plastics like polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA),. applying a clamping pressure, physical contact between. polycarbonate (PC) and Cyclopolyolefinpolymere (COC). the two parts is ensured and the transparent part is heated
  • Pressure Booster Accessory
    High-pressure air is frequently required to operate external clamping devices used to seal the product under test. In other situations, high pressure air is used to in? ate the product itself.
  • Plastic Medical Device Assembly with Lasers (.pdf)
    workstation featuring a hand work place is most. suitable. Charging and discharging of the system is done. manually. The actual welding process happens automati-. cally in a laser secured, enclosed section within the work-. station. The clamping device is double-featured, allowing. for two individual

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