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Parts by Number for Clamping Knob Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
7336.7-34-M10X1-5 Global Industrial J.W. Winco, Inc Not Provided Indexing Plunger W/ Clamping Knob Zinc 7.0x17.0n Pressure M10x1 Thread 5x5mm Pin
0BFP4 Global Industrial J.W. Winco, Inc Not Provided Winco Cks Four-Prong Clamping Knob, 2-1/2", 2.5" (63.5), .56"(14.3), 0bfp4
5T175FP3 Global Industrial J.W. Winco, Inc Not Provided Winco Cks Four-Prong Clamping Knob, 2.0" (50.8), 1.00"(25.4), 5t175fp3
2700-E Allied Electronics, Inc. DAVIES MOLDING CO Not Provided Knob; Clamping; Brass; 9/16in dia, 1/2in height, 10-32 screw, 5/16in insert dept
3088 Allied Electronics, Inc. DAVIES MOLDING CO Not Provided Knob; Clamping; 20% Talc-Filled, Polypropylene; Brass; 1/4-20; 1/2 in.
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  • Selecting the Correct Knob
    slippery to handle. Shown here is our DIN 319-ST metric size steel ball knob, available in tapped or blind bore types. T-handle knobs: The design of these knobs gives them strong control, in both in-and-out operations and rotating ones. Likewise, they can achieve strong clamping force. If your
  • Applied Force and Component Selection
    possible choice. 8. Circular for clamping. If the circular motion is being used to clamp or release, an adjustable (clamping) lever could be your best choice. We offer the unique torque-free component shown here, the GN 927 clamping lever with eccentrical cam. If you want to use a knob instead, a lobe
  • Accessories in Action
    precision and an indicator tip for exact measurements in the micron range. Shops should look for an articulated indicator stand that has an easy-to-use design. Features should include three pivot points controlled in sequential order with one progressive clamping knob as well as 360˚ positioning
  • Holding Firm (.pdf)
    employ tight-tolerance, machine-mounted chucks to grip mounting knobs or bushings on the pallet, fixture or part. The one-step clamping action between the chuck and zero-point knob speeds part changeovers. The consistent relationship between the chuck and the knob assures repeatable part positioning
  • Tools Optimize Process and Part Quality
    and. by many forms of contamination. Reductions in gripping. clamping into a single process. A retention knob with a. strength and deviations from centerline will lower tool per-. geometric reference datum is appended to the workholding. formance. All toolholders have a better chance of delivering
  • How To Maintain and Evaluate Toolholders
    as the nut is tightened, pushing the collet deeper into the collet pocket until maximum clamping pressure is achieved by the Power Coat nut. More Info: Toolholder Performance Guide. Parts of a collet and nut style toolholder. Pull Studs (also called retention knobs) are extremely important because
  • Set, Ready, Go
    on the toolholder, or if the operator hasn’t cleaned the spindle pot, according to Parlec’s Ricotta. “But most people are not holding microns. They are just trying to measure a tool within a couple of tenths. For tight-tolerance micron applications, retention knob clamping becomes very important. With our
  • Presetting Pays Dividends
    --and with Swiss-type tooling applications specifically --high rigidity, high force retention-knob clamping and minimal runout are crucial to ensure repeatability and accuracy. Presetters should also be designed to replicate the machining environment as closely as possible to achieve the most accurate measurements

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