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Conduct Research Top

  • Recent Progress in III-V Devices and Modules for Next Generation Mobile Handsets
    . C nne. haa. el. e. l. nne. nne l. nne. C. Co. Co llllect. ect oorr. Collector Sub. Sub- Co. o. C llect. llec. lle t. ect. c or. or. SI Ga. SI G As. A Subs. s. tra. Subs t. tra e. Figure 1: Schematic cross section of an integrated HBT and FET. S, D, G, BG are the source, drain, gate and back-gate
  • Absolute Pressure Sensing System (.pdf)
    that selects an input signal for processing, (3) a differential. amplifier circuit, and (4) an A/D converter. The pressure sensor’s (transducer’s) interface is as follows. The high sides of the transducers are. supplied with regulated +15vdc thru a transducer health sensing circuit. The low sides
  • Versatile and Rugged Data Acquisition for NVH
    / low pass filters selectable, TEDS sensor identification. MIC42. 2-channel microphone module, 24 bit A/D converter, max. sampling rate per chan-. nel 204.8 kHz, high pass / low pass filters selectable, TEDS sensor identification. ICT41. 2-channel ICP/voltage input and 2-channel tacho module, tacho
  • Medical Device Link .
    . MR transmitters. PIN diode, 1 3 KV, 13 W, stud mount for high-power transmit. MR receivers. PIN diode, 1 KV, 10 W, axial and stud mount. Hearing Aids. Class D amplifier. Ultra-low-power, low quiescent current, true 1-V operation, thin die. Portable Diagnostic Meters (Glucose, Oximetry, Pulse
  • The Impact of Conductor Surface Profile (Rrms) on Total Circuit Attenuation in Microstrip and Stripline
    for 23cm. RF-35, power amplifier, LDMOS technology. Read Abstract Download PDF. Measuring Dielectric Properties and Surface Resistance of Microwave PCBs in the K-band. TLY-5A, TLC-32, DK, dielectric constant ( e), df, loss tangent (tan d), temperature dependance, -50°C to +70°C. Read Abstract
  • Multilayer Lamination Methods for PTFE-Based PCBs
    . TLX-8; 1 GHz, 1.5 GHz, 2.5 GHz, multiband, Pi-shaped structure, resonator, Wilkinson power divider, rat-race coupler. Read Abstract Download PDF. Analysis and Design of Dual Band-Notched Interdigital Hairpin UWB Bandpass Filter. TLX-8; class AB power amplifier; dual-band; GaN HEMT; matching network
  • The Anisotropy of Dielectric Constant in TLY-5A Material
    ; class AB power amplifier; dual-band; GaN HEMT; matching network; resonator. Read Abstract Download PDF. Dual-Band GaN HEMT Power Amplifier Using Resonators in Matching Networks. TLX-8; class AB power amplifier; dual-band; GaN HEMT; matching network; resonator. Read Abstract Download PDF. Current
  • An Integrated Approach to the Dynamic Testing of Aerospace Structures
    channel, and a four channel signal conditioning module. Signal Conditioning modules are independent from the digitizer cards; for optimum flexibility between different transducer types, two or more signal conditioners (e.g. an ICP1 and a charge amplifier type of input) can be connected to the same

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