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  • Candle Filters
    Candle filters operate on a batch cycle, as do all pressure filters. They are used for processing fine chemicals, brine clarification, red mud, china clay and other applications requiring low moisture cake filtration or a high degree of polishing.  Candle filters are also used as thickeners
  • Importance of the Proper Design of Fly-Ash Filter (.pdf)
    to improve energy efficiency is a. well documented common practice in power plants. Most. The Fly Ash Resource Center reports: “Molten minerals such. power plants utilize an insitu combustion O2 system based. as Clay, Quartz, and Feldspar, solidify in the moving air. on the zirconia cell principle
  • Ultrasound Cleans Ceramic Filters: Could Aid Water Treatment
    . As an alternative to chemicals, researchers are studying ceramic membrane filters -- honeycomb-like networks of tiny channels separated by thin ceramic films, or membranes. When water flows through the channels, the membranes act as sieves to. catch contaminants such as clay, iron oxide, bacteria
  • Preparation of Paper Coatings
    such as china clay (kaolin) and bentonite, however, in modern paper coatings calcium carbonate is more common. Other materials are also used to obtain certain properties. These include: * Talc - for smoothness. * Silica - for applications requiring good water absorption rate - e.g. ink jet paper
  • Refining of Edible Oils
    such as diatomaceous earth may be added to prevent the finer clay particles from blinding the filter medium. Refining of Edible Oils APPLICATION REPORT. Solutions for Your TOUGHEST. MIXING Applications in. FOOD. Introduction. Refining of Edible Oils. The Process. The Problem. The Solution
  • Modern Methods of Particle Characterization (.pdf)
    . Man came to realize that adding pulverized materials to clay not only improved its workability, but improved the drying process, reduced shrinkage and changed the characteristics of the resulting vessels. There also is evidence of using particles of certain sizes to control porosity. For many
  • Treating Higher Strength Commercial Sewage For Disposal Or Re-use
    is sized for a hydraulic loading rate of 15-20 L/m2/day. based on the peak design flow Q. The bed is prepared by scarifying (only on a dry day on heavy. clay soil), and by constructing a preferred direction of flow if desired. The mantle is the native
  • Vegetable Oil Refining
    and Filtration. The bleaching process can be optimized very effectively using optek turbidimeters. Monitoring the oil as it enters the slurry tank allows you to control the amount of bleaching clay being added into the slurry. By implementing a turbidimeter on the filtrate stream of the bleaching filters

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