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  • NASA AURA HIRDLS instrument calibration facility
    clean room trolley incorporated a scissor jack lift to install and remove the HIRDLS from the vacuum chamber, while providing a safe means to move the HIRDLS around the clean room.
  • Parallelkinematische machines
    of a parallelkinematischen 2 D gear structure as so-called scissor kinematics that generates a stroke movement (Z) and a closing movement (Y) with one degree of gear freedom two and a serially mounted gear structure that carry out workpiece transport (X... Pure 3D-Parallelkinematiken (e.g., Tripod) are insertable for generation of the necessary movement spectrum (relatively long transport paths with short Hebe- and closing paths) because of given disturbing contours and limited installation spaces not effectively.
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  • Two accidents involving toppled scissor lifts - issue 124
    On 7 September 1994, eight workers were involved in decontamination activities inside a room that measures 24... Two workers were on a scissors lift , using it as a platform for pressure-washing the ceiling, and another was using a Bobcat (a front-end loader) to clean up debris .
  • Floor mechanism and base
    Rankine'scher special case earth pressure 6.10, 9.3 room weight liquidly 1.3, 17.1, 17.2-saturated foundation surface 9.2... ...4, 17.1, 17.2-1.4, 17.1, 17.2-Reduced under buoyancy 1.4, 17.1... Sand drain 5.15 sand fraction 1.6 Saprolit 15.3 saturation shock 4.5, 4.6, 5.17 saturation number 1.4, 17.1, 17.2 Clean gravel / sands 15... ...9.2, 13.3 shear strength 2.2, 6...
  • Science and Technology Facilities Council
    Clean Rooms UK ATC has a new facility that can handle equipment weighing up to 10 tonnes; it has 27 m 3 volume, a scissor lift ; it is able to develop instrumentation for 8 m class and 30 to 100 m class telescopes.
  • Purge system for Landsat Data Continuity Mission and other instruments in contamination
    • Scissors • Tweezers • Blades • Blank tape lifts • Kapton tape • Petri dishes • LED flashlight (bright LED light, small and lightweight) • UV flashlight (365 nm, LED light, small and lightweight) • Goggles • Teflon IPA bottle •... • Handheld Microscope – with LCD monitor • Poly baggies • Gloves • Cleanroom Wipes • Aluminum sheet for NVR collection • Wrist ground straps • Clean room notebook • Glass NVR rinsate collectors Each of the items were thoroughly cleaned and...
  • Investigating Molecular Mechanisms of Embryonic Mammary Gland Development by Bead-Implantation in Embryonic Flank Explant Cultures – A Protocol
    – Large scissors and blunt serrated forceps to open the mother’s belly skin – Smaller scissors and serrated forceps to open the peritoneum – Forceps (e.g. Dumont #5) to lift and hold the uterus, and small scissors or Vannas spring scissors... & Stereoscope, preferably set up in a clean room reserved for organ culture experiments.
  • Developmental Biology Protocols
    Grasp the edge of the blastoderm with forceps and cut entirely around the perimeter with scissors . Lift the blastoderm into a 10-cm Petri dish of dissecting medium. Collect all embryos in this dish; they can be stored for hours at room temperature or on... The blastoderms are then transferred by forceps through several dishes of dissecting medium to clean them.
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