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Parts by Number for Clinch Nut Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
NUT (CLINCH) ASAP Semiconductor ST Not Provided TRANSISTOR
203996-8 Powell Electronics, Inc. TE Connectivity Not Provided CLINCH NUT
FE-632-EF ASAP Semiconductor PENN Not Provided NUT CLINCH
CAN 990-0000-735 PEI-Genesis ITT Cannon Not Provided CLINCH NUT NON-MAGNETIC
24014-3 Powell Electronics, Inc. TE Connectivity Not Provided NUT,CLINCH,SELF-LOCK
CAN 990-0001-161 PEI-Genesis ITT Cannon Not Provided RP #4-40 CLINCH NUT
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  • Captive Nuts
    . These nuts come in strips up to 6 ft long for applications requiring fixed nuts in equally spaced sequences. Clinch nuts have pilot shanks that are clinched or staked onto the parent part through a precut hole. Other forms have a knurled or lobed base ring that is pressed into the panel, displacing
  • Four Things Engineers Must Know About Locking Fasteners to Keep Their Products and Careers in the Fast Lane
    -. cations. For instance among fasteners, wire inserts. ance must be made on the drilled hole prior to tap-. can add strength or aid in repairing stripped out threads. ping. in soft materials. Clinch nuts are good for adding grip. When tapping, it’s also a good idea to avoid blind. length and thread
  • PEM (R)-REF /Surface Finishing Sheet Metal Assemblies
    . the panel surface more resistant to the cold flow required during instal ation of a self-. clinching fastener. • Powder coating a panel too, becomes an issue because the typical coating thickness. prevents ful instal ation of the displacer feature on the fastener. In essence the fastener wil. “clinch