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  • Sharpening Stones-Image
    Sharpening Stones - (143 companies)
    Degrees of Coarseness. There are four degrees of coarseness for sharpening stones. Coarse or extra course products are designed to provide rough or initial sharpening of the cutting edges of knives, blades, or other cutting tools. Products with medium...
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  • Splice Kits-Image
    Splice Kits - (66 companies)
    How to Select Splice Kits. Split Kit. Image Credit: Splice Kit with Cleaver. Image Credit: 3M. Splice kits are used to establish a connection between two cables. They can come in many configurations, depending on the type of wire...
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  • Tool Kits-Image
    Tool Kits - (134 companies)
    Tool Kits Information. Tool kits contain different types and sizes of tools, often in a convenient carrying case. There are many different types of products. Examples include field service, fiber optic, telecommunications, network, computer, plant...
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  • Saw Blades-Image
    Saw Blades - (731 companies)
    Saw blades are cutting implements used in conjunction with saws and other cutters. Saw Blades Information. Saw blades are cutting implements used in conjunction with saws and other cutting devices. There are many different types of products...
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    Blades (wind turbine) - (15 companies)
    Wind turbine blades are air-foil shaped blades that harness wind energy and drive the rotor of a wind turbine. How to Select Wind Turbine Blades. Image Credit: BLADE DYNAMICS | Dantec. Wind turbine blades are airfoil-shaped blades that harness wind...
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    Knife Blades - (230 companies)
    Knife blades are sharp-edged industrial tools for shearing or cutting materials. A blade uses an edge to fracture and slice threw a material. A knife blade can be "toothed" but it still uses pressure against its edge as the primary means of cutting...
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    Tool Grinding and Tool Sharpening Services - (254 companies)
    Tool Grinding and Tool Sharpening Services Information. Tool grinding and tool sharpening services manufacture, recondition, regrind, and provide special profiling for cutting and machining tools. Services range from the manufacturer-approved...
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    Wheels - (377 companies)
    Wheels are solid discs or rigid circular rings that attach to assemblies such as casters to allow movement. They are connected to a hub and designed to turn around an axle.
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    Cutoff Wheels and Abrasive Saw Blades - (519 companies)
    Image Credit: CS UNITEC | Lapmaster International | Norton Abrasives. Cut-off wheels and abrasive saw blades are used to cut bars, stock, pipes and other materials that are made of metal, concrete, or masonry. These center-mounted devices consist...
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    Blade Servers - (67 companies)
    Blade servers are self-contained servers embedded in computer boards. Blade servers are self-contained servers embedded in dense, ultra-thin printed circuit boards (PCBs) called blades. A chassis called a razor houses the blades, which are usually...
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  • Rabbit Medicine & Surgery: Self-Assessment Color Review
    Breeders should aim to handle kits for a few minutes once or twice a day from about … Rabbit skin is thin and tears easily and the dense fur may block the clipper blades , making clipping of the fur difficult. Blades should be sharpened and cleaned regularly to ease the process and the skin should be spread …
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  • Construction of sicherheitsgerechter products
    … distribution 506 body damage 137 body damage, 137 more irreversible body damage, preaging 188 artificial of reversible 137 body emphasis 462, 468 body stability impact energy 469 circular blades 241 circular saw 167 … … 243 corrosion 247 force limiters 247 force flow 158 … Refilling of excipients 453 sustainability 445 follow-ups 167, 548 follow-up time 247, 314, 356 follow-up time of the machine 406 modernization with a superior safeguard 32 retro fitting set 294 retrofitting of old machines 475 adjusting work 242 … creeping passing through the body 159 closing edge of kraftbewegter protection devices 438 abrasive body protection 271 …
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  • Küttner piston machine
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  • Electrical power supply
    … circuit breakers 279 ff, 429, 443, 486 ff, 514, 626, SF6 circuit breaker, 279, vacuum interrupter, 281, 301, 442 power transformer 123 ff power operating moment 374 conductor loop 106 ff conductor cable … … guide wheel 16 guide vane 14, 25 conductive layer … … switching overvoltage 314 ff, 329 switching warte 294 Schaltzeichen 274, choke coil, - Is limiter 333-cable, 243 … … 145, 146, 289 interests 661, 676, 679-internal interest rate 682-calculated interest rate 661, 678 state …
  • Electrical power supply
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