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...also be accurately. This test can be modeled with a linear finite element. simulated. analysis by applying the load at the 12 o’clock position of. the rim. The analysis gives the maximum stress to the. The resonant frequency of a steering wheel can be. wheel because the upper loop of the rim has... to load several operands while simultaneously loading an instruction. As a result, a typical DSP can perform one MAC while loading the data sample and filter coefficient for the next. A DSP can perform a MAC in one clock cycle, whereas a typical microprocessor might take much longer. Dedicated...

(10 to 20 Nm for. EPAS) and specified overload capability (10 to 30 times. the nominal torque) a mechanical stop that complicates. a mechanical design is usually required. Besides, many. of the above mentioned sensors need a clock-spring. wire connecting the shaft and the stationary. SAW Sensor...

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