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  • Counter and Timer Boards-Image
    Counter and Timer Boards - (73 companies)
    ...compatibility, some counter and timer boards include digital circuitry that is compatible with transistor-transistor logic (TTL). Others use complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) circuits. Various types of connectors are available, such as D-types...
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    Number of Counters
    Counter Resolution
    Maximum Count Frequency
  • Ring Gages-Image
    Ring Gages - (129 companies)
    Ring gages are used for go / no-go assessment compared to the specified dimensional tolerances or attributes of pins, shafts, or threaded studs. Ring Gages Information. Ring gages are used for go / no-go assessment compared to the specified...
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  • Logic Counters-Image
    Logic Counters - (75 companies)
    Logic counters are integrated circuits used for counting events in computers and other digital systems. How to Select Digital Counters. Digital counters are electronic devices that perform a variety of counting functions. They may count single...
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  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)-Image
    Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) - (713 companies)
    Programmable logic controllers (PLC) are the control hubs for a wide variety of automated systems and processes. They use a wide variety of inputs and outputs and provide network capability. PLCs (programmable logic controllers) are the control hubs...
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    V-ring Seals - (38 companies)
    Description. V-ring seals are all-rubber seals used primarily to exclude dirt and other contaminants. They are stretched over shafts and seal against the side of housing or another machine component. V-ring seals feature a long flexible lip, which...
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    Metal Ring Seals - (85 companies)
    Metal ring seals are static devices that can withstand high operating temperatures, pressures, and vacuums. They can also withstand cryogenic conditions and high face-to-face cycling. Metal ring seals are static devices that can withstand high...
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    Logic Analyzers - (76 companies)
    Logic analyzers are used to characterize and debug hardware, design and test firmware and software, and perform synthesis integration. Logic analyzers are devices used to monitor the performance of computers or to diagnose problems in other...
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    Round Belts and O-ring Belts - (75 companies)
    Round belts and o-ring belts are light-to-medium duty power transmission belts. They can be solid or hollow, and can easily be used in 3-D applications. Round belts and o-ring belts are light- to heavy-duty power transmission belts. These products...
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    Logic Dividers - (35 companies)
    ...complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS), uses a combination of p-type and n-type metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs) to implement logic gates and other digital circuits. Logic families for logic dividers include cross-bar switch...
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    Programmable Logic Devices (PLD) - (194 companies)
    ...devices - Blank detail specification for programmable logic devices (PLDs). SMD 5962-88549 -- Microcircuits, memory, digital, CMOS, UV erasable, programmable logic device. Image credits: Digi-Key Electronics...
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  • Wide Lock-Range, Low Phase-Noise PLL using Interpolative Ring-VCO with Coarse Frequency Tuning and Frequency Linearization
    By using a CMOS logic -based low-speed ring counter and a pseudo-differential logic-based high-speed ÷4/5 divider (see Fig. 8 (a)), power consumption with our frequency divider is lower than it would be with a frequency divider that was …
  • An efficient timing simulation approach for CMOS digital circuits
    The proposed approach to fast timing simulation was tested with a number of CMOS logic circuits including a 24- stage inverter chain, a 5-stage ring oscillator, an 8-bit full adder, a 3-bit up/down counter and an 8-bit ALU …
  • Gentle diversions
    Base drive-primitive motivation Transformer-successful evangelist Pulse delay-cardiac arrest Johnson counter -Howard’s cafeteria Current mode logic -contemporary fad in mathematics Phase … … Baud rates-hooker’s fee schedule CMOS -underwater vegetation Meter movement … … Bonding wire-cheap wedding ring Battery charger-prosecutor in …
  • Practical Computing on the Cell Broadband Engine
    … line clipping, 296 clock PS3, 106 clock-cycles printing optimization, 305 clock gettime, 32 CLOCK PROCESS CPUTIME, 32 clockwise token ring EIB, 62 CMOS combinational logic , 439 CMOS power estimation, 437 Cohen … … partitioning, 203 COTS, 12 counter -clockwise token ring EIB, 62 .
  • Digital Electronics: Principles Devices and Applications Complete Document
    … logic analyser 695, 696 Character codes, see Alphanumeric codes Characteristic equations 377 Characteristic parameters of logic families, see Logic families-characteristic parameters Characteristic … … 21 Circulating register, see Ring counter CISC 528, 531, 541 … … 380–1 CML, see ECL CMOS AND gate 154, 155 …
  • Trade-Offs in Analog Circuit Design
    … signal reconstruction 653–62 speed 631–62 systematic design 591–610 DDD see determinant decision programs dead-zone 827–9, 832–4 decade ring counters 1031 decoders 603, 605–6 … … design methodology circuits 1–6 CMOS mixers 787–817 CMOS VLSI … … dominant poles 263–5 domino- logic phase frequency detectors 831–42 …
  • Digital Logic Testing and Simulation 2nd Edition
    … 397–398 Combinational feedback loop 417 Combinatorial explosion 127, 165, 522, 599 Common ambiguity 73 Commutative linear algebra 457 Commutative ring 456 Compiled code 570 … … Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor ( CMOS ) 38–39, 124, 338–339, 551 … … path 640 Computation tree logic (CTL) 640–646 parsing the … … of ownership 319 Cost to test a memory chip 521 Cost/benefit analysis 483 Counter , generic model 594 …
  • A universal method for designing low-power carbon nanotube FET-based multiple-valued logic circuits
    … a low power family of three-valued logic circuits’, IEEE J. Solid-State Circuits, 1985, 20, (2), pp. 609–616 28 Thoidis, I., Soudris, D., Karafyllidis, I., Christoforidis, S., Thanailakis, A.: ‘Quaternary voltage-mode CMOS circuits for multiple- valued logic ’, IEE Proc. Circuits Devices Syst., 1998, 145, (2), pp. 71–77 29 Wang, P., Liu, Y., Yang, M., Almaini, A.E.A.: ‘Five-valued circuit quantitative theory and design of five-valued twisted- ring counter ’.
  • Back cover
    Integrated circuition implantation high-performance CMOS/SOS inverter- ring oscillator and 1/8 static binary counter using gradually doped source - drain extension CMOS /SOS structure. Chen,M.-L., + ,EDL Oct 83312-314 high-speed logic at 300K with self-aligned ion-implanted …
  • Algorithmic time-to-digital converter
    Although this work was demonstrated with a 0.35μm CMOS process, the design should be readily realisable with deep submicron technologies, as the circuit consists merely of a frequency switched ring oscillator and standard CMOS logic gates. Most of the circuit area and power will be taken by the counters and the post-processing …