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  • Tool Presetter Benefits Ejector Seat Manufacturer
    takes around 30 seconds to complete its automatic measuring routine, or a little longer if it is a complex-form tool. The accurate readings are transferred directly to the appropriate machine CNC via the FMS control screen, avoiding the risk of operator error in transcribing the values from
  • Tools Optimize Process and Part Quality
    Vacio. of pressure on machines, programmers, setup personnel, operators, and tooling. Product Manager, Workholding Systems. Computerized programming and 3-D verification of CNC machine tool programs. BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. allow programmers to deliver a qualified instruction set
  • Set, Ready, Go
    components for automation. The Huntington facility has 20 CNC machines, employs 90 workers and uses a Zoller presetter. The average job package requires 30 tool assemblies, but some jobs require as many as 75. About 65,000 tools are run through the presetter annually. Even though a presetter may
  • Presetting Plus
    and shop rate, to get an idea of the payback period on a presetter investment. Consider, for example, a shop running four CNC machines two shifts a day, with a shop rate of $80 per hour. If each machine requires one hour of tool setup per shift, the shop is losing $640 per day, or $160,000 per year
  • Presetting Pays Dividends
    Many shops are moving away from centralized toolroom operations and opting instead for distributed tool presetting on the shop floor. The presetting machines available today are accurate, easy to use and provide closed-loop tool compensation on the CNC machine tool, saving significant time during
  • Accessories in Action
    operator intervention. Lang Clean-Tec chip and coolant fan. Mounted securely in either a collet chuck or endmill holder, chip fans can be programmed into the machining cycle to minimize spindle downtime and maximize operator efficiency. Once chip fans become part of the CNC cycle, they reduce
  • Presetting Process Cuts Scrap, Rework
    . Turning Tools. Toolholders. Workholding. Systems & Software. CNC & Machine Controls. CAD/CAM & Related Software. CAM for Die/Mold. CAM for Production Machining. ERP Management & Related Software. Turn/Mill Machines. Measurement & Fluids. Inspection & Measurement. Metalworking Fluids. Process Zones