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    Cincinnati Inc., 11280 Cornell Park Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45242. Electric spindle An electric-powered, 2000 40,000-rpm spindle system is made for 1/8-in. and smaller end-milling and drilling-plus-microslitting, chamfering, and grinding on retrofitted CNC and transfer machines. The Astro-E400 system
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    electrodes, engraving, hard-die milling, and small medical component machining. The company's motion control technology ensures path accuracy for tight tolerances at high feed rates. New CNC features include fast microprocessors and software, large hard drives, a new flat-panel display, 3-D cutter
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    to 11,000 lb of continuous force. A Windows-based control system operates up to six CNC axes such as robots, x-y positioning systems, and five additional press stations. Schmidt Feintechnik Corp., 280 Executive Dr., Cranberry Township, PA 16066-6415. Machining Center Produces Molds and Dies
  • Multi-Prong Infusion Needle Case Study
    sealing. clean room assembly. electro-mechanical assembly. automatic wire strip and crimp. equipment. laser. rofin sinar starweld 50 watt pulsed yag welder w/rotary & cnc xy table. rofin sinar starcut18 pulsed nd:yag laser w/ uw180 workstation. unitek miyachi lm35 nd:yag laser marking workstation
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    . Strategic Products Inc., 18 Marina Isles Blvd., #202, Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937. Rotary Blade Cutting Machine A rotary blade tubing cutter processes tubing such as PVC, silicone, multilumen, synthetic rubber, PEEK, and vinyl, among others. Capable of cutting tubing with ODs up to 1/2

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  • HKUST Institutional Repository: Item 1783.1/4326
    The experiment is carried out on the two dimensional X - Y table and the part positioning table in the CNC milling machine to validate the feasibility of the cutter path planning module and the NURBS interpolation algorithm.
  • Principal Curvatures and Cutter Location Calculation of Six-Axis CNC Abrasive Belt Grinding Machine
    A six-axis CNC belt grinding machine automatic programming technology was studied in this paper, and which... ...out five-axis motion variables (the DOF of A, B, X , Y , Z), then discussed the... ...principal curvature in each cutter location point, after that...
  • Shaving machine tools
    Tool axes two: Y, Z workpiece axes of three: X, A, W Linear axes X , Y , Z swivelings and axes of rotation A, W Abb. 8.37 CNC special-tool grinding machine for grinding of drills and cutters (Saacke) 1 table 5, 2 grinding head 4, 3 transverse carriages, turntable, workpiece carriers .
  • A New Method for Five-Axis CNC Curve Machining
    ...input to the interpolator is a new defined g-code (i.e., a CNC instruction), which contains... The interpolator begins with trajectory planning portion, which generates the position ( x , y ,z) and the orientation (Ox,Oy,Oz) of the cutter based on the curve geometry and the specified constant feedrate in each sampling period. This is a generic, machine independent algorithm.
  • Conceptual design report for the mechanical disassembly of Fort St. Vrain fuel elements
    The drilling station is comprised of a horizontal single-spindle CNC machine with X , Y , and Z positioning equipment as an integral part of the milling unit. The machine has an automatic tool changer that holds several spare cutters and at least two sensing...
  • New tool-workpiece setting up technology for micro-milling
    In the proposed method, the same technique is employed to detect the contact between the cutting tool and the workpiece, and then the machine CNC readings at the time of the... ...up the machine origins along the X , Y , and Z axes. Fig. 2 Burrs attached to a micro cutter .
  • The studies of spline interpolation for five-axis machining
    A typical tilting rotary table type five-axis CNC machine tool has three linear axes, X , Y , and Z , and two rotary axes, A , and B Vector [ , , ]i j k denotes cutter axis.
  • The Development and Application of a Planar Encoder Measuring System for Performance Tests of CNC Machine Tools
    The contouring error of the CNC machine tool employed for this specified 2D form, and the performance of the cutter radius compensation by the CNC machine tool, are the main topics of concern. The coordinates ( x , y ) of the cam, shown in Fig. 9, are defined as .
  • Study on Cutter Radius Compensation Methods for 5-Axis CNC Machining
    To solute this problem, 3D cutter radius compensation method for 5-axis computer numerical control ( CNC ) machining is deeply researched. Taking five axes linkage machine tools of X , Y , Z, B, C form with rotary tables B and C as an example, coordinate transformation matrix (CTM) and the cutter compensation vector for 3D cutter radius compensation are derived.
  • Use of Image Analysis in Process Control of High Pressure Water-Jet Peeling and Cutting of Fruits
    This one has a processor card to control four engines step by step; three corresponding to axes X , Y , and Z, and a fourth corresponding to a tool, for example, a (drill / milling cutter ). ...processor card UI5.-E/A that allows the robot to be programmed under a machine code standardized by... It is done in two ways: The CNC -Modus, to save a program to RAM and run...
    ...of force was made via converters (strain gages, load cells, dynamometers) placed on work piece or cutter . In the first group, Kim and Kim (1996) presented an adaptive cutting force controller for the milling process, which can be attached to most commercial CNC machining centers in a practical way. The cutting forces of x , y and z axes are measured indirectly from the use of currents drawn by a.c. feed-drive servo motors.