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  • Conformal interpolating algorithm based on B-spline for aspheric ultra-precision machining
    We assume the use of aspheric ultra-precision CNC machine tool with a single diamond cutter , where the cutting tool moves simultaneously in the x , y and z axes but is not capable of performing tool rotation with respect to the workpiece.
  • HKUST Institutional Repository: Item 1783.1/4326
    The experiment is carried out on the two dimensional X - Y table and the part positioning table in the CNC milling machine to validate the feasibility of the cutter path planning module and the NURBS interpolation algorithm.
  • Manufacturing Engineering and Automation II
    ...Coatings W.H. Kao, Y.L. Su, S.H. Yao, H.C. Huang and M.S. Chen Study on Electromagnetic Repulsion Suspension of CNC Machine Guide System X . Y . Zhang and Y.C... ...on Worm Type Shaving Cutter S.L. Cai, Y...
  • Principal Curvatures and Cutter Location Calculation of Six-Axis CNC Abrasive Belt Grinding Machine
    A six-axis CNC belt grinding machine automatic programming technology was studied in this paper, and which... ...out five-axis motion variables (the DOF of A, B, X , Y , Z), then discussed the... ...principal curvature in each cutter location point, after that...
  • Mechatronics and Industrial Informatics
    ...Liu, X.B. Chen, P.B. Cao and Q.Y. Zhang Numerical Modeling of the TBM Disc Cutter ’s Kinematic Behavior during... ...of Servo System in CNC Machine Tool Y.C. Wang... ...Structure B. Li and X . Y . Liu Study on the...
  • Mechanical and Electronics Engineering III - Front Matter
    ...of Machining Process Based on Fuzzy Wavelet Neural Network and Generalized Entropy Square Error X . Y . Lai, C.Y. Yan... ...Dynamic Deformation Based on Machine Vision and its Application... ...L. Dong Application of Cutter Radius Compensation in CNC Machining Q.Q. Yue...
  • Intelligent Robotics and Applications
    The experimental study is conducted on a MikronUCP-800 five-axis CNC machining center with the maximum spindle speed of 20000rpm and positional accuracy of 0.006mm in X , Y ,Z axis respectively. A face milling cutter with a diameter of 100mm is chosen.
  • Shaving machine tools
    Tool axes two: Y, Z workpiece axes of three: X, A, W Linear axes X , Y , Z swivelings and axes of rotation A, W Abb. 8.37 CNC special-tool grinding machine for grinding of drills and cutters (Saacke) 1 table 5, 2 grinding head 4, 3 transverse carriages, turntable, workpiece carriers .
  • A New Method for Five-Axis CNC Curve Machining
    ...input to the interpolator is a new defined g-code (i.e., a CNC instruction), which contains... The interpolator begins with trajectory planning portion, which generates the position ( x , y ,z) and the orientation (Ox,Oy,Oz) of the cutter based on the curve geometry and the specified constant feedrate in each sampling period. This is a generic, machine independent algorithm.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ICMSE 2012
    ...Upsetting Process of External Upset Tubing P. Wang, M.J. Hu, Z.X. Shen, L. Li and W.H. Liu Numerical Simulation of Rock Fragmentation Process for TBM Cutters Based on ThreeDimensional Dynamic... ...of a High Speed CNC Lathe Feeding System P. Liao, F.P. Deng, R.M. Ding and Y.X. Wu Molecular Simulations of Hydrogen Storage on Several Nanoporous Zeolites X . Y . Liu, J.D. Zhang, Z.Q. Fan... ...J. Chen CNC Transformation of X502 Milling Machine M.K. Zhang and...
  • An Integrated Approach for Precision Machining of Freeform Surfaces
    To compensate for the identified error parameters, the error parameters are used to modify the cutter contact points (i.e., CC points) in the original CNC machining path to create the CC points in the new CNC machining path. of the original test trajectories and calculating a set of new [ X Y Z A C]T values to minimize the volumetric errors between the expected tool path and the actual tool path.
  • Contemporary Design and Manufacturing Technology
    Epicycloids bevel gear cutting simulation and cutting experiment General six-axis numerical machine, increased by dual rotary tables in the three-axis vertical CNC machine coupled with continuous indexing spindle control, constitutes the six-axis CNC machine. X , Y , and Z are the three linear axes. ...adjustment axis, axis C for the workpiece rotation axis, axis W for the cutter rotation axis, wherein...
  • Conceptual design report for the mechanical disassembly of Fort St. Vrain fuel elements
    The drilling station is comprised of a horizontal single-spindle CNC machine with X , Y , and Z positioning equipment as an integral part of the milling unit. The machine has an automatic tool changer that holds several spare cutters and at least two sensing...
  • New tool-workpiece setting up technology for micro-milling
    In the proposed method, the same technique is employed to detect the contact between the cutting tool and the workpiece, and then the machine CNC readings at the time of the... ...up the machine origins along the X , Y , and Z axes. Fig. 2 Burrs attached to a micro cutter .