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  • SmartMoves TM Spotlights: CNC Machines (.pdf)
    . per minute. It can even cut through harder materials like wood, granite, stone, aluminum and steel. "Fabricators have seen an explosion of waterjet, high density plasma and industrial laser cutting technologies develop in the last 25 years," said Mark Stephenson, President of CNC Machines
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    , for fine cutting. An optional rotary axis adds capability, enabling the system to produce complex 3-D geometries. The system 's CNC controller and software are compatible with all major computer-aided design system formats and thus facilitate setup and program changeover. The personal-computer
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    CNC mill cutting and boring. Finished parts are free of burrs, stresses, and heat-affected zones. The unit's motion control system combines CAD/CAM and motion control software to facilitate complex part machining using automatic tool path creation and a built-in cutting model. Icon-driven menus
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    and versatility result in very short cycle times. The x- and y-axes incorporate THK NR linear guide ways, while the z-axis features hardened and ground box ways. Standard features include oil and air-mist spindle bearing lubrication, an alphanumeric keyboard, a spindle and cutting air blast system, full
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    parts. Working volumes for the x-, y-, and z-axes are 63 mm each. In addition, the unit boasts a 2- um positioning accuracy, 0.02- um resolution, and maximum acceleration of 5 g. Features of the machine include a 160,000-rpm air-bearing spindle, granite support structures, open-architecture CNC, linear
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    and UV Laser Systems Accurately Cut Complex Shapes Systems are quick, versatile, and easy to use Laser welding, cutting, and marking systems offer a number of features that make them suitable for medical device manufacturing applications. New systems that meet the stringent demands of the industry
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    system is equipped with an automatic feeding unit that accepts tubing of any length. Easy-to-use software converts .dxf or .dwg files into the NC code. A graphical display of the cut geometry is displayed on the CNC monitor and allows process verification prior to cutting. Laser cuts are done in dry mode
  • Water Jets Cut Machining Time, Cost
    water-jet cutting with CNC X-Y-Z programming instead. A stream of water with adjustable flow rate, water pressure, and diameter cuts into parts. Plain water cuts softer materials like reinforced plastics and composites. Abrasive media speed cutting or assist in cutting harder materials. Water-jet cutting