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4545-00A   Terra Universal, Inc. Industrial Parts Washers and Cleaning Systems electronic components. Portable, easy-aim design and adjustable nozzles provide broad or very localized cleaning of hard-to-reach surfaces. Environmentally friendly operation eliminates the need for solvent disposal —contaminants are carried away in a stream of inert CO2. Low operating cost: CO2...

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Ablation and Sorptive Removal of Films and Particles from...
dioxide (CO2)-based cleaning processes can utilize several states or forms of CO2, such as SC-CO2, L-CO2, or the pelletized form of CO2, frequently

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Cleaning Systems: ACI ecoTec GmbH
CO2 Snow-Jet Cleaning Process The acp - advanced clean production GmbH is worldwide
See ACI-ecoTec GmbH & Co. KG Information

Carbon Dioxide Snow Examination and Experimentation
Spray cleaning surfaces with this CO2 "snow" has been shown to remove particles and other debris without damage.

CorWet - acp - advanced clean production GmbH
Products CO2-Snow Jet Cleaning Wet-Processing

Technologie - acp - advanced clean production GmbH
Technology CO2-Snow Jet Cleaning Wet-Processing

The CO2 Snow Cleaning process removes micron and submicron particulates and hydrocarbon-based contamination.
See Applied Surface Technologies Information

Atomic Force Microscopy
Since then, many other scientists have used CO2 snow cleaning as a sample preparation for AFM samples.
See Applied Surface Technologies Information

204 Meeting Symposia
Integration of High-k Gate Dielectrics ? Wet Etch, Cleaning and Surface Conditioning - S. De Gendt, S. Beckx, M. Caymax, M. Claes, T. Conard, A.
See Electrochemical Society (The) Information

Comparison of laser and C02 snow cleaning of astronomical...
Cleaning effectiveness was determined from studies of residual particle densities and size distributions (measured from low-magnification optical

Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 107:...
in Sec. 5. 2. CO2-SNOW AND UV-LASER-CLEANING TECHNIQUES 2.1 CO2-Snow Cleaning CO2 snow is generated by expelling pressurized liquid CO2 from a nozzle

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