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  • Coal Pulverizer
    An inspection port for the lubrication system of a major utility's coal pulverizer leaked continuously due to poor design and construction, combined with use of a conventional general-service sheet gasket. The port cover was secured by bolts too small to achieve sufficient load on irregular flanges
  • Wireless Vibration Monitoring in a US Coal-Fired Plant
    The Baldwin Energy Complex located close to Decartur, Illinois, - a coal-fired plant that generates about 1761MW - was the site of a joint-venture pilot project which aimed to demonstrate a wireless vibration monitoring solution for a coal pulverizer. The partners in the project were the Electric
  • MCA Detects Where Vibration Analysis Could Not
    GPAllied and Allied team members identify and correct failures in a Coal Pulverizer at a client site bringing the plant back on track.
  • Monitor Coal Feeder Conveyor Speeds for Precise Discharge
    ). The. Gravimetric feeder conveyor speed changes as coal density changes to ensure the proper coal. tonnage is discharged to the pulverizer. How it works: The SA420 Signal Conditioner is used in conjunction with the 907XP Sensor. and Pulser Wrap to provide concise conveyor shaft speed feedback to a PLC (PLC
  • Mass Flow Measurement in the Power Industry
    these needs. They can make utilities more cost-effective in a variety of applications. Utilities operating coal-fired boilers routinely perform air flow tests to balance flow rates between the pulverizer and the burners. These "clean air" test, normally made with a pitot tube, tend to be time consuming