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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
F553EF PLC Radwell Arrow Pneumatics Pneumatics, Pneumatic Filter FILTER AIR LINE COALESCING/OIL REMOVING 3/8 NPT
A180316PD PLC Radwell Hankinson Pneumatics, Pneumatic Filter FILTER OIL REMOVING COALESCING 150PSIG 120F AUTO

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  • Analysis of Coalescing Efficiency in Replacement
    efficiency coalescing filters are often specified when. Coalescing Efficiency. there is a need to protect sensitive equipment that is operated. 99.5%. 99.997%. by compressed air. A high efficiency coalescing filter can. 100.0%. tame the effects of oil, water, and particulates that are present. 98.0%
  • Coalescing Efficiency in Branded vs. Generic Replacement Filter Elements
    High efficiency coalescing filters are often specified when there is a need to protect sensitive equipment that is operated by compressed air. A high efficiency coalescing filter can tame the effects of oil, water, and particulates that are present in virtually all compressed air supply lines
  • Filters for Compressed Air Dryers (.pdf)
    brand AGS Series is a coalescer located upstream of the dryer. ISSUE. and works as a prefilter to protect the dryer’s desiccant bed from fouling by. 1. removing oil and water aerosols. Compressed air enters the housing,. flowing from the inside of the coalescing element outwards. Oil or water. aerosols
  • Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters Application Note(.pdf)
    meeting ISO and. with very minimal pressure drop. It. efficiency coalescing filters to remove. E.P.A. standards. is designed to continuously drain the. collected oil, allowing the user to. recover expensive lubricating liquid. The exhaust filters can either be. incorporated into a ducting system
  • Filters for Vacuum Pumps (.pdf)
    (Roots, Diaphragm,. • Materials: Filters or vacuum pumps often require. Claw, or Screw). materials with: • Oil Mist. Coalescing filter to remove oil mist from. • A compatibility to wide changes in temperature: Fiberglass. Eliminator: exhaust side of an oil sealed, oil. filter elements are common
  • White Paper: Remove Water and Particulate Contaminants from Oil Efficiently and Cost-Effectively to Prolong Equipment Life
    is a function of tank design, residence time, turnover rate, oil viscosity and additive chemistry. Due to the relatively large size tank needed even for small systems, space limitations often make settling tanks impractical. Two additional systems, centrifuges and coalescing filter/separators
  • Options for clean, dry, oil-free compressed air
    between two desiccant towers to ensure a constant supply of dry air. A membrane dryer, shown here with a coalescing filter, takes advantage of the different size of oxygen, nitrogen, and water molecules to deliver moisture-free air. The need for cleaner compressed air is apparent to anyone trying
  • Market Application Publication: Power Plant Turbine Vent Filters (.pdf)
    system incorporates high efficiency. optimum performance. As the turbine. Power plant turbines all require lube oil. coalescing filter media designed to offer 12+. achieves full output, the lube oil temperature. reservoirs and all lube oil reservoirs must. months of service before requiring replace

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