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  • Coating Thickness Measurement: The Fundamentals
    Coating thickness measurement is a concern for both finishers and for companies receiving finished components. Defective coatings lead to rust. As a result, product liability requires quality control of coatings, and in many cases documentation of measurements in an electronic format. Conflicts can
  • Measure Automotive Coating Thickness
    Quality control of painting processes in automobile manufacturing is becoming increasingly important. The requirements for efficient corrosion protection and paint quality are growing with the simultaneous goal of reducing costs. Utilizing technological advancements to reduce costs and improve
  • Measuring Duplex Coating Thickness Applications
    As with any corrosion protection system, the thickness of the individual coatings is an important quality factor in duplex coatings. For obvious reasons, not least as a result of the costs involved, the thickness measurement should be non-destructive. A newly developed measuring method
  • New Industrial Calotest for Improved Coating Thickness Determination
  • X-MET8000 Series for rapid, on the spot coating thickness measurement
    Coating, or plating, is the deposition of a metal on an object's surface to give this object specific properties: coatings can be decorative, prevent corrosion, improve solderability, increase hardness, reduce friction and wear, and more. To ensure that the thickness of the coating applied
  • New Calowear Tester for Characterization of Coating Thickness and Wear Properties
  • Solution Delivery for High Precision Coating
    Solution Delivery for High Precision Coating. By Jason Payne, PhD, Director. Precision coating is an advanced operation that encompasses sophisticated and highly controlled functions, including the distribution of liquid across a conveying web and the control of coating thickness in the down-web
  • Plasma Coating of Airplane Parts
    The customer produces plasma coating for airplane parts. They need to count the number of plasma particles on these parts so that they can adjust the plasma torch to be less or more powerful in order to obtain the required thickness of plasma coating. Using a particle detector, they are
  • Monitoring Coating Processes in Vacuum Chambers
    Important parameters that need to be monitored during coating processes, such as layer thickness, composition, surface finish, light transmission, reflectance, polarization ability, and others can be done by spectroscopy and spectroscopic interferometry. Fiber optics can provide a versatile tool
  • Wafer Backside Coating of Die Attach Adhesives
    . If the adhesive is in the form of a dry coating, the wafer can be sawn and individual dies picked and placed together with their adhesive. This eliminates variation in dispense quantity and location, and thus allows much more controlled fillet height and bond-line thickness. In turn, this allows
  • Non-Bearding Two-Fluid Spray Nozzle Design for Tablet Coating Applications
    , coating uniformity is critical. Slight changes in coating uniformity or thickness can cause adverse effects to product quality and potential for substandard product. Hence any discrepancies in coating uniformity must be quickly corrected. These corrections often require shutdowns and cause a loss
  • Medical Device Link . Using Parylene for Medical Substrate Coating
    of therapeutic efficacy. In order to function properly and safely, medical components that are not intrinsically biostable must be protectively coated in a manner that does not adversely affect mechanical tolerances or other critical performance characteristics. Protective coating of a biomedical
  • Change the Way You Spray - Minimize Clogging (.pdf)
    or with inconsistent coating. thickness on the finished product.

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