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Parts by Number for Coax Cable Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
COAX CABLE ASAP Semiconductor Rakon Not Provided 995416039
COAX CABLE 2 National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
3C589-COAX-CABLE National Microchip 3COM Not Provided Not Provided
CABLE National Microchip COAX Not Provided RG 178 A/U WHITE
CABLE National Microchip COAX Not Provided N-FEM/SMA-ML-REV
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Conduct Research Top

  • Ground Isolation in Video Transmission
    . two coax cables run between points A and B. The. by any one of three techniques, il ustrated in Figure 3. grounded shields of the two cables constitute a loop. In 3a, the coax cable is replaced by a balanced line. which may be exposed to a 60 Hz magnetic field. In 3b, the windings of a transformer
  • Keeping coax safe
    Special protectors dissipate potentially dangerous transient currents in coaxial cable. When voltages on the center conductor exceed a specific value, the gas in the gas-discharge tube ionizes to discharge the buildup to ground. Even though the quarter-wave stub is electrically grounded
  • Guide to Networking Cables
    . 1-866-223-2860. div_603. div_604. div_647. - 0 items. Shop By Category. Adapters. Coax Adapters / RF Adapters. IEEE-1394 FireWire Adapters. SCSI Adapters. USB Adapters. Video / Monitor Adapters. Audio Video Monitor Cables. RCA Audio Video Cables. VGA - SVGA Monitor Cables. DVI-D Cables (Digital
  • Coaxial Cable Entry Panels and Coax Grounding
  • Measurement of Longitudinal Conversion Loss (LCL) in Balanced Systems
    For reasons of convenience and cost, balanced lines are much preferred in data transmission to single- ended wiring, such as coax cables. Depending on the degree of balance, minimal electromagnetic radiation of the transmitted signal and pick-up of interfering signals are achieved without complex
  • Cable Shielding
    high frequencies, and if it is combined with. Shield Termination should not be taken lightly, since more problems crop. other shield designs, forms a very effective EMI barrier. up at connectors than any other part of a cable. Braided coax shields are usually terminated in the field by crimping
  • Testing Optical Feeds in Wireless Systems
    Many wireless equipment vendors are transitioning from coax cables to lower-loss optical feeds in Remote Radio Units (RRU) and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). The switchover is due to the fact that fiber optic cabling has less signal loss and supports higher bandwidth over greater distances than
  • Medical Device Link .
    contacts. RF Connectors, San Diego, CA, USA. Surgical cable assemblies Preengineered coax cable assemblies include cable-jacket and flex-relief materials suitable for autoclave or low-temperature sterilization processes. The assemblies were developed to relieve product development and lead-time

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