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  • Keeping coax safe
    Special protectors dissipate potentially dangerous transient currents in coaxial cable. When voltages on the center conductor exceed a specific value, the gas in the gas-discharge tube ionizes to discharge the buildup to ground. Even though the quarter-wave stub is electrically grounded
  • Coaxial Cable Entry Panels and Coax Grounding
  • Testing Optical Feeds in Wireless Systems
    Many wireless equipment vendors are transitioning from coax cables to lower-loss optical feeds in Remote Radio Units (RRU) and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). The switchover is due to the fact that fiber optic cabling has less signal loss and supports higher bandwidth over greater distances than
  • Ground Isolation in Video Transmission
    In coax video transmission systems the shield of the coax cable is usually connected to ground. It may very well turn out that a voltage difference at the power line frequency may exist between the ground at the transmitting location and the ground at the receiving end. The 60 Hz current through
  • Measurement of Longitudinal Conversion Loss (LCL) in Balanced Systems
    For reasons of convenience and cost, balanced lines are much preferred in data transmission to single- ended wiring, such as coax cables. Depending on the degree of balance, minimal electromagnetic radiation of the transmitted signal and pick-up of interfering signals are achieved without complex
  • Common-sense cabling
    physical lengths. Variations in cable dielectric material necessitate use of network analyzers to trim cables for identical standing wave relationships. The semirigid cable on these N-style connectors provides the best EMI shielding of any coax. Supersmall MCX connectors handle much smaller cables
  • Computer Power User Article - The Power To Protect
    minutes. Built-in coax connectors can filter your cable modem s cable, which is rare for this price point. The Back-UPS RS 900 is an upscale unit for home and office use. It looks like a small, beige computer tower but is about half as wide as a SFF-style chassis. There s a push-button switch and four
  • Computer Power User Article - Wired & Wireless
    forwarding and reversing while still viewing the program, can increase peak loads by a factor of three or more. According to the MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance), ATSC providers are required to allocate 19Mbps of bandwidth per stream regardless of whether or not it s actually needed. By the time you
  • Industrial Ethernet made practical
    ) and motion controllers trying to talk to each other. To make matters slightly worse, some of the network cabling had been run in metal conduit. Such protection may be desirable for ac wiring and coax. It is a terrible idea for Ethernet cable. Incidents like this one are becoming more frequent

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