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  • NexTek Coaxial Surge Arrestor Mounting and Grounding Guide
    Coaxial Surge Protectors provide reliable protection from high voltage surged in coaxial lines. These protectors provide long life protection and are critical component for high reliability and uptime. communication systems. The source of surges usually includes lightning, power line faults
  • Optimize Your RF/MW Coaxial Connections
    time and effort. In the case of assembling components such as amplifiers and filters with coaxial connectors, joining two components by mating male (plug) and female (jack) connector pairs is simpler and faster than soldering or hard-wiring a connection between the two components. And most coupled
  • Reference Chart: Coaxial Connector Chart
    , Twinaxial, and U.FL connectors to what you might have in your hand!. Coax Connector Chart: BNC,F,FME,Mini-UHF,MC Card,RP-MMCX,RP-SMA,L-com. Cart is Empty. Home. Request Catalog. Custom Cables. Product Wizards. Technical Resources. Contact Us. Coaxial Connector Chart. L-com 's Coaxial connector chart
  • Video: Solid vs. Stranded Center Conductors
    In coaxial cable there is a trade off in center connector construction.... Video: Solid vs. Stranded Center Conductors. Cart is Empty. Home. Request Catalog. Custom Cables. Product Wizards. Technical Resources. Contact Us. Solid vs. Stranded Center Conductors. Products that are related
  • How To Assemble and Install A HyperLink Brand Grid Antenna
    . Audio/Video. Coaxial. Connectors. D-Subminiature. Ethernet Cabling. Ethernet Converters. Ethernet Switches. Fiber Optic. Lightning Protectors. Patch Panels/Racks. Power Over Ethernet. USB. Weatherproof Enclosures. Wireless LAN Amplifiers. Wireless APs/Routers/Adapters. More Products ... Closeouts
  • Measuring Thickness of Dielectric Materials using MTI Accumeasure TM Capacitance Instrumentation
    (probe) is a passive element, in that it contains no active electronic circuitry. All of the active circuitry is contained within the Accumeasure electronic amplifier and supplied to the probe through low noise coaxial cable. The Accumeasure constant current amplifier circuitry supplies the control
  • CATV Equipment Protection (.pdf)
    Equipment. of 20 µH to 30 µH is an example of a suitable starting point, but the actual value depends. on the design and must be verified through laboratory testing. To Protected. UL Approved. Compensating. Equipment. Coaxial Fuse Line. Inductor. P1400AD. i. gns. Figure 3.50 CATV Station Protection
  • Tactical RF Photonic Communications: Increased Separation Distances Between Personnel and Deployed Antenna Assets (.pdf)
    Legacy communication systems present a series of disadvantages to the field deployed operator: * Co-Location of Troops, Vehicle and. Equipment Assets. * Coaxial Copper Cable Distance. Limitations. * Infrastructure Costs for Repeaters. * Size, Weight and Power Burden. * Electromagnetic and Radio

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