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  • 3D Visualization for Industrial Quality Inspection
    . for determining the surface with greater accu-. racy. 6. u. Coin with incident illumination. Coin with oblique incident illumination. v. Soder joint without diffusor. Soder joint with diffusor. w. Semiconductor with coaxial illumination. Semiconductor with coaxial illumination. x. Plastic with polarised light
  • Fiber Polishing
    in case they are less then ideal. INSPECTION AND TESTING: Fiber connectors are inspected in between each polish step to ensure that the previous step is complete. A stereo or mono microscope with large magnification (60x or larger) is necessary. A mono microscope (180x or larger) with coaxial
  • Medical Device Link .
    calibration verification, coaxial illumination, and a three-light illuminator. The system is equipped with the Metronics QC300 digital readout, which displays x-y-z digital readout display and measurement data; however, it is also compatible with the industry-standard QC200 readout system. Copyright (C
  • Medical Device Link .
    ) 1310 full speed CameraLink camera is mated with a beam splitter and light source to allow coaxial illumination of the subject and data are collected and archived using a high specification PC (Figure 2). The speed of acquisition is limited by the data transfer between camera and computer
  • Medical Device Link .
    contacts are available for power, signal, and coaxial applications, ranging from a single Twinax contact up to 128 size-22D contacts for crimping 22 through 28 AWG. Standard crimp contacts can be terminated to discrete wires; PC tail contacts can be terminated to either printed circuit boards or flex
  • Laser Sighting Guide
    . moved further from, or closer to,. Sighting. MX4+. distances—sighting reflects. the focal point. Three laser points,. MX6. the actual target size. coaxial. Especially useful in the near. field and for close focus. Additional Sighting 3i1M, 3i2M, 3iG5,. Multiple models offer. Not all laser sighting
  • Rolling Stock IP Video Surveillance for Today and Beyond
    and NVRs can be connected to the train control network. Less cabling effort compared to analog cameras. There is no need to lay out additional coaxial cables --perfect for space-restricted train carriages. IP cameras and NVRs can be remotely accessed and managed. Cost Effective: Cables used on trains
  • Optical Dictionary
    micrometers in the far infrared spectrum. It can be operated in either CW or pulsed mode. Coaxial gas: A shield of inert gas flowing over the target material to prevent plasma oxidation and absorption, to blow away debris, and to control heat reaction. The gas jet has the same axis as the beam, so

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