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  • Pre-Treatments Used With Coatings
    of the perfect circle. The corollary in dry films are the functions of adhesion, cohesion, wear, corrosion resistance, and coefficient of friction for any dry film lubricant can all be markedly improved by a proper pretreatment. The optimum pretreatment can make a dramatic difference. The level
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    , quick stick, and cohesion. The Lab Master probe tack tester measures force to 0.1-g resolution. Thousands of data points per test are used to generate force and distance curves that reveal material behavior during the test. Applications include adhesives, tapes, pressure-sensitive labels, glue
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    by mechanically sealing areas of leakage. Manufactured by Cohesion Technologies Inc. (Palo Alto, CA; 650/320-5500), CoSeal could reduce patient recovery time and improve surgical outcomes, according to the manufacturer. Dimer improves on coating thickness and uniformity. PCS Dimer, produced by Parylene
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    , films, Tyvek, and foils. TTL Medical, 10537 Lexington Dr., Knoxville, TN 37932-3212. PSA with enhanced drug compatibility Featuring enhanced drug compatibility, an adhesive has been designed for transdermal applications. Duro-Tak 87-4098 provides good cohesion because of its high internal
  • New low impact paper
    . The reduction of surface energy of either liquid or substrate decreases the tendency of adhesion occurrence. The reduction of contact angle indicates increasing adhesion tendency. The work of self-adhesion of a liquid is known as the work of cohesion. Cohesion work means the work required to produce two
  • Medical Device Link . Identifying and Preventing Contamination from Pharmaceutical Packaging
    of the contamination. The manufacturer had used talc as a separating agent to prevent cohesion of large quantities of the septa following the punching operation in which they were formed from a sheet of cross-linked Buna-n rubber. CASE STUDY #2: ELASTOMER FORMULATION During usage of a certain
  • Medical Device Link . Evaluating Environmental Stress Cracking of Medical Plastics
    Parameter Key to Paint-Component Affinities: I. Solvents, Plasticizers, Polymers, and Resins," J Paint Technol, 39:104, 1967. 11. Barton AFM, CRC Handbook of Solubility Parameters and Other Cohesion Parameters, Boca Raton, FL, CRC Press, 1991. 12. Coleman MM, Serman CJ, Bhagwagar DE, et al., "A Practical

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