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  • Solvent Vapor Monitoring in Coil Coating Oven Atmospheres
    05/21/2013 Control Instruments Corp. Add Article Solvent Vapor Monitoring in Coil Coating Oven Atmospheres
  • Coil Coating
    sing PrevEx Flammability Analyzers, this Coil Coater operates safely & saves energy!
  • Solvent Vapor Monitoring in Coil Coating Oven Atmospheres (.pdf)
    , solves all of these problems. Background. Coil coating ovens typically operate at high temperatures, with some zones at over 800°F. This temperature range is needed to cure organic polymer coatings to their substrate materials. Solvents are typically vaporized in the early oven zones. At the same
  • Coating of Brake Disc
    of stations depends on the weight and shape of the discs, as well as the induction coil shape, and the stations are usually equipped with SINAC 50 converters (50 kW each). Each station has a matching box consisting of capacitors, transformer and coil that is mounted on a double-axis moving table
  • Pharmaceutical Pill Coating
    with 4-20 ma analog option. This. conditioner with the modulated carrier pickup coil improves turbine flowmeter rangeability. The enclo-. sure type is style 4 which is integrally mounted on the meter and suitable for hose down. Hoffer Advantage: The Hoffer flow system offers an economical and accurate
  • Waste Heat Generates Steam and Savings
    A coil coating facility purchased a new a 15,000 SCFM Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) which has a nominal heat transfer efficiency rate of 90% and designed with supplemental fuel injection (SFI) which is used during low VOC loading conditions, to help save fuel cost. The facility was looking
  • Coating Thickness Measurement: The Fundamentals
    the surface and the base substrate is measured. Inside the measurement probe is a coil that generates a changing magnetic field. When the probe is placed on the substrate, the magnetic flux density of this field is altered.
  • Case Study - IR Processing of Metal Coatings
    has been used successfully in many applications including drying and/or curing: Paint on car bodies and home appliances. Paint and powder coatings on light fixtures. Paints and varnishes on sheets of hardboard, particleboard and chipboard. Coatings on steel and aluminum coil. Epoxy powder coatings

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