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  • Description: Interplex's decorative surface finish capabilities include physical vapor deposition (PVD), anodizing, sand blasting, diamond cutting and laser marking, commonly used for mobile device (cell phone) housings and other consumer electronics products. The company also provides Vacuum Metallization to

    • Coating Process: Coil / Roll Coating, Conformal Coating, Painting, Plating / Electroplating, Powder Coating, Spray Coating, Thermal Spraying, Vacuum-Pressure Impregnation (VPI)
    • Functional / Performance: Conductive, Reflective, Wear / Erosion Resistant
    • Materials: Aluminum, Copper / Copper Alloys, Glass, Iron / Cast Iron, Metal, Nickel / Nickel Alloys, Precious Metals, Plastic, Stainless Steel, Steel / Steel Alloys, Titanium, Specialty / Other
    • Finishing / Surface Treatment: Electropolishing, Sanding / Grinding

  • Description: Master Bond Polymer System EP30-2 is a low viscosity, two component epoxy resin compound for high performance bonding, laminating and sealing formulated to cure at room temperature or more rapidly at elevated temperatures with a 100/10 mix ratio by weight. This resin system is 100% reactive and does

    • Coating Type: Electrical Insulation / Dielectric, Thermal / Heat Insulating
    • Cure Type / Technology: Thermosetting / Crosslinking, Two Component System
    • Industry Applications: Electronics (PCB / SMT Assembly), Electrical Power / HV (Coils, Motors), Aerospace, Automotive, OEM / Industrial, Optical Grade / Material, Other
    • Flexible / Dampening: Yes

  • Description: Master Bond Polymer System EP28M-1 is a remarkably high performance room temperature curing low viscosity, two component epoxy compound formulated for high performance casting and bonding. It is 100% reactive and does not contain any diluents, solvents or other volatiles. Master Bond Polymer System

    • Coating Type: Electrically Conductive, Electrical Insulation / Dielectric, EMI / RFI Shielding Material, ESD Control / Anti-static
    • Cure Type / Technology: Two Component System, Specialty / Other
    • Industry Applications: Electronics (PCB / SMT Assembly), Electrical Power / HV (Coils, Motors), Optoelectronics / Photonics, Aerospace, Automotive, OEM / Industrial
    • Flexible / Dampening: Yes

  • Description: ELANTAS PDG, Inc., founded in 1919 and based in St. Louis, Missouri, is a premier global supplier of specialty resins for applications in the electrical and electronic industries. ELANTAS Electrical Insulation companies are respected as the market leaders in the development and manufacturing of wire

    • Coating Type: Electrical Insulation / Dielectric
    • Cure Type / Technology: Thermosetting / Crosslinking, Room Temp. Cure / Vulcanizing, Two Component System
    • Industry Applications: Electronics (PCB / SMT Assembly), Electrical Power / HV (Coils, Motors), Aerospace, OEM / Industrial
    • Chemical / Polymer System Type: Epoxy (EP)

  • Description: strand ... with or without aluminum core ... and open or closed lay. In addition to the popular “Z” leg coil, we provide many other styles, including helix configurations and conical and cylindrical basket designs. The standard wire size is 3/030 – but many other sizes are readily

    • Function: Alloying - Master Alloy
    • Metal / Alloy Types: Tungsten / Tungsten Alloy

  • Supplier: KROHNE, Inc.

    Description: converter designed for use in combination with the WATERFLUX 3000 sensor. It is ideal for remote locations in the water industry where no power connection is available and provides certainty in case of power failure. The strengths of the WATERFLUX 3070 lies in its unique flow sensor construction

    • Type: Electromagnetic Meter
    • Process Media Type: Liquid
    • Pipe Diameter: 1 to 24 inch
    • Media Temperature Range: 23 to 158 F

  • Description: that are fixed in place by the sensor jacket material. The drive coil is used to induce a current in the process solution. The second sensing coil is used to measure the current in the process solution; the magnitude of this current is proportional to the conductivity of the process solution. Toroidal

    • Measures Conductivity / Dissolved Solids: Yes
    • Conductivity / Dissolved Solids Range: 10000 to 1.00E6 µS/cm
    • Measures Resistivity: Yes
    • Controller Functionality: Yes

  • Supplier: Daemar Inc.

    Description: Glass Cloth Tape - Description PC198 is a high temperature tape used to mask off areas that do not require coating or blasting. It has a silicone adhesive with excellent release properties that will not leave an adhesive residue. This tape offers optimum performance in powder coating, blasting

    • Width: 4762 µm
    • Carrier / Backing Material: Glass / Fiberglass
    • Adhesive: Silicone

  • Description: MEGTEC is the recognized leader in providing drying technologies for web coating, flexible packaging, coil coating, converting, nonwovens, and other industries. Our experience includes in-depth knowledge and understanding of specific industrial web coating drying processes, so we can design

    • Dryer Type: Air Bars / Flotation Dryer
    • Heat Source / Transfer: Combustion, Electric, Steam, Thermal Oil / Fluid
    • Operating Temperature: 450 F
    • Material Form: Webs / Continuous Sheets

  • Description: of the most effective coating technologies known to the coil coatings industry, urethane and the fluoropolymer chemistry of a 70% PVDF fluoropolymer resin system. Flurothane V coatings have proven effective against ultraviolet rays, corrosion, humidity, acid rain, and a wide range of chemicals and other

    • Chemistry: Fluoropolymers (PTFE, FEP, MFA, etc.), Resin Base / Polymer Binder
    • Surface Location / Orientation: Exterior
    • Features: Weather / UV Resistant

  • Description: Mercury Displacement Relays are all designed and built to meet the most exacting demands of industry. They have won their high place in the electrical field by doing the tough and tricky jobs that ordinary equipment could at best do in an uncertain manner. They have proved their ability to stand up

  • Description: , manufacturers rely on the valueadded benefits of Alcoa pre-painted aluminum coil: Versatile Finish - The coil coating process yields an endless selection of metal finishes, colors, textures and visual effects…all applied with greater precision and uniformity than other painting methods

    • Metal / Alloy Types: Aluminum / Aluminum Alloy  (UNS A)
    • Shape / Form: Semi-finished Shape / Mill Stock, Sheet, Foil, Strip

  • Description: Captor utilizes various types of inductors in the manufacturing of EMI Filters. We are especially skilled at designing to meet a particular form, fit, and function. Call today to discuss your Inductor/Coil needs! Common Inductors Toroidal Inductors Common Mode Chokes Bobbin Wound Inductors

    • Capabilities: Coils / Bobbins, Toroids, Inductors, Chokes
    • Insulation: Nomex® , Kapton® , Epoxies, Blends - Multiple, Encapsulation, High Voltage / Reliability
    • Industry: Aerospace / Avionics, Automotive, Automation, Computer Industry, Industrial, Instrumentation, Machine Tools, Marine, Medical, Military, Motor / Drive, Robotics
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Midwest US Only

  • Description: of application, fabrication, and packing. Valspar offers a comprehensive range of products for food cans. Valspar food can coatings provide reliable protection for sheet, coil and spray applications. Technology Solvent-based, water-based, high solids solvent-based Side seam stripe powder

    • Substrate / Surface: Aluminum, Steel
    • Form: Solvent Based, Water Based
    • Industry: Food and Beverage

  • Supplier: Imego

    Description: MERMAID is a unique measurement instrument for analysis of liquid and thin film properties using magnetoelastic resonance (MER) sensors. Dynamic events such as viscosity change, phase transitions or bio film growth can be analyzed. The MER sensor can measure properties of either a coating on top

    • Property Analyzed: Brittleness / Friability, Processability / Plasticity (e.g., Plastometer, Extrusiometer), Flowability / Workability, Gelation
    • Display & Special Features: Computer Interface / Networkable, Handheld / Field

  • Description: Spooner provides bespoke designs of ovens for a wide range of industrial sectors. Industrial ovens manufactured include air flotation ovens, air impingement ovens, baking ovens and coil coating ovens.

  • Description: in Maritime components as well as underwater metal components. Products are available in prototype through high volume production quantities.Weiss Industries works with both coil and sheet steel (plain or perforated) or from cut-to-length tubing or blanks. Wall thickness capability ranges from

    • Capabilities: Shearing, Laser Cutting, Bending / Forming, Deburring / Graining, CNC Fabrication, Punching, Rolling, Stamping
    • Materials: Ferrous Metals, Nonferrous Metals
    • Secondary Operations: Assembly, Hardware / Fasteners, Painting / Powder Coating, Plating, Welding
    • Additional Services: CAD / CAM Support, Design Assistance, Just-in-Time Capability, Prototype, Short Run, Production

  • Description: in Maritime components as well as underwater metal components. Products are available in prototype through high volume production quantities. Weiss Industries works with both coil and sheet steel (plain or perforated) or from cut-to-length tubing or blanks. Wall thickness capability ranges from

    • Capabilities: Buffing / Polishing, Cut to Length, End Forming, End Flattening, Machining, Painting / Powder Coating, Plating / Coating, Slotting & Notching, Piercing & Punching, Swaging, Threading, Welding / Brazing
    • Materials: Aluminum, Copper / Copper Alloys, Steel - Carbon & Alloy, Steel - Stainless
    • Services: Assembly Services, CAD / CAM Support, Design Assistance, Prototype, Low Volume Production, High Volume Production, Just-In-Time Capability, Packaging / Shipping
    • Industry Served: General Purpose, Automotive, Food Processing, High Temperature / Heating Fluids, Marine, Medical / Pharmaceutical

  • Description: Our industry leading viscosity technology is based on a simple and reliable electromagnetic concept. Two coils move the piston back and forth magnetically at a constant force. Proprietary circuitry analyzes the piston's two-way travel time to measure absolute viscosity. Built-in temperature

    • Property Analyzed: Other
    • Test Media / Material: Adhesives / Coatings, Chemicals, Fuel, Gases, Oils / Lubricants
    • Display & Special Features: Digital Readout, Process Line Mounted (Continuous)

  • Description: , foodservice, packaging and OEM oven construction. Flat, trough, hollow and bulb styles are available in standard 230W configurations with cast-in iron-chrome aluminum resistance wire heating elements. The glazed ceramic surface protects the coil from corrosion and chemical contamination. These heaters

    • Heater Type: Infrared Heater, Radiant Reflective Process Heater
    • Applications: OEM / Custom
    • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 1346 F
    • Heating Capacity: 0.5000 kW

  • Description: Weiss Industries' long experience in tooling engineering and concentration in progressive-die construction makes us the ideal supplier partner for producing medium to high volume stampings. Working with nearly all metals available by coil, we can produce your custom parts from metals .254 mm/.010

    • Stamping Capabilities: Deep Drawing, Blanking / Piercing, Progressive Dies
    • Additional Manufacturing Capabilities: Anodizing, Black Oxide, Drilling / Tapping, Electroplating, Grinding, Heat Treating / Stress Relieving, Painting / Powder Coating, Tool Making, CNC Machining, Welding
    • Materials: Ferrous Metals, Nonferrous Metals
    • Services Offered: Assembly Services, Engineering / Design Assistance, Prototype / Short Run, High Volume Production, Specialty Packaging

  • Description: Houghton offers a complete line of Houghto-Roll™ products for the steel rolling industry, including cold rolling and compatible pickle lubricants. Houghto-Roll CRS series products are advanced synthetic cold rolling oils designed to provide optimum and uniform lubrication for cold reduction

    • Function / Application: Lubricant, Metal Forming
    • Industry & Features: Specialty

  • Description: Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is the difference between an electronic ballast and a magnetic core and coil? A: Electronic ballasts, also known as "digital", utilize a internal microprocessor that converts a higher efficiency of energy to the bulb using less power from the ballast. The result

    • Ballast Technology: HID Ballast

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