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  • As the coil turns
    4,096 individual revolutions. An excitation coil is energized with an ac signal, inducing a current in the receiving coils. Passing a shielding disk over the receiving coils alters the magnetic field, producing a modulated sinusoidal voltage at the output terminals. The inductive rotary encoder
  • Hydraulic Press/Space Saving Coil Feed Line Key to Success
    Drastically increased demand in volumes drove company to bring metal stamping portion in house (vs. contracting to local fabricators). Determining the best way to handle production of thick U-shaped stamped part...fabricating vs. hand feeding stamping press vs. automated coil fed operations
  • Balancing A Variable Flow Water System Will Ruin the Control System
    . If the pump is not sized for the sum of total coil loads, then each coil balancing valve is adjusted for proportional flow. For example, if the pump will handle 80% of the total coil load, then each coil would be balanced for 80% of the specified coil G.P.M.
  • The wind-up and the pitch
    .-diameter platinum wire that has a breaking strength of just 1.2 gm, " says Dale Henson, owner of , a maker of miniature coil winders. "It is difficult for human hands to get wire that small off a spool and around the filament-dispenser pulleys without breaking, but the winding machines handle
  • 2002 Mercury Mountaineer
    To test the prowess of the 2002 Mercury Mountaineer, my boyfriend Pat and I packed it up and headed for the hills of West Virginia. To test the prowess of the , my boyfriend Pat and I packed it up and headed for the hills of West Virginia. The Mountaineer handled the challenging mountain roads
  • Instrument and control
    coil-wound spring. Contact features include options such as shorting, NC, slip, and lateral contacts. Shorting contacts use a roller having a diameter large enough to span the space between stationary contacts. NC types use a shorting bar and cam actuated by the switch handle and operating in parallel
  • Medical Device Link .
    High-flow pinch valves are suitable for applications requiring high purity, zero dead volume, or particulate handling. The S-line of valves includes two-way normally closed, two-way normally open, and three-way universal constructions and can handle tubing sizes ranging from 1/16 to 3/8
  • Thin is In
    Today's OEM demands motion-control systems that increase throughput and can handle smaller-scale moves. All industries are looking for finer speed and motion control. For instance, in data-storage devices, the design challenge is to squeeze more data onto the storage medium. That requires precise

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