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  • Leaf and Coil Spring Testing
    The debate over which is better between leaf springs and coil springs has a long history. Coil springs have been around for nearly a hundred years, yet the leaf spring's history dates back well over a thousand, so both have long proven their individual merits, but which is better will always
  • Ask the Expert - Replacing Snap Rings and Coil Springs
    We are back this week with another Ask the Expert Blog, where Smalley experts answer difficult questions about retaining ring and wave spring design. This week, our engineering experts answer some questions about snap ring and coil spring replacement with Smalley products.
  • Voice Coil Motors
    in a solenoid device makes these difficult to control. The voice coil motor can develop force in either direction by reversing polarity of the excitation. In a solenoid, a spring is typically required to produce force in the return direction, this spring force subtracts from the magnetic force
  • Principles of Solenoid Coil Design for Valves
    is de-energized, the spring pushes the armature away from the face of the coil housing, and in consequence, any part attached to the armature through the opening in the coil cap also moves away from the coil. When the coil is energized, the armature is attracted to the coil housing, compressing
  • Overview of Compression and Extension Spring Tolerances
    Spring manufacturing, as any other production process, is not exact. It can be expected to produce variations in such spring characteristics as load, mean coil diameter, free length, and relationship of ends or hooks. The very nature of spring forms, materials, and standard manufacturing processes
  • Determining Right Hand or Left Hand Spring Wind Direction
    The direction of wind of a spring can be determined by simply holding it in your hand with your fingers placed around the outside of the body and your thumb pointing straight up. If the last coil ends in the same direction that your fingers are pointing, that is the hand (direction of wind
  • Forklift Tie Rod Saves OEM Cost & Improves Service Life
    Tie rods in forklift steering are traditionally metal-on-metal, which requires periodic re-greasing and leads to a shortened lifespan. They also include a coil spring and two cups behind the ball joint. CCTY Bearing's design utilized a metal on nylon, self-lubricating design that eliminated
  • Wave Spring Application Infographic
    Wave springs feature an innovative design that can replace traditional coil springs.
  • Wave Spring Design Guide
    An introduction to Wave Springs and their advantages over conventional coil springs.
  • Designing with Smalley Wave Springs
    Smalley Wave Springs are a series of flat wire compression springs offering numerous functional advantages over traditional coil or compression springs. While providing the same force and deflection as a traditional coil spring, wave spring technology enhances load precision and cuts down

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