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  • Kimco Application Guide for Voice Coil Actuators (.pdf)
    and industrial controls or systems that demand. high precision. They offer virtual y unlimited resolution, limited only by the. Magnet. encoder used for feedback. And they come to stop points with amazing. Coil. Winding. speed and accuracy. VC actuators are also a “clean” technology, wel -suited. Magnet
  • AC Synchronous Reluctance Machine for Traction Application
    material is chosen for the rotor. The initial model configuration is shown in this figure which will be iterated to create an optimal design which satisfies the target performance specifications. Click to zoom. Winding Design. The stator winding details of this model are as follows; lap winding, coil
  • Linear Velocity Sensing in a PC Board Drilling Machine
    Transducers (LVT) pro- of the LVT with each up and down motion of the spindle as-. vide a simple yet accurate means of measuring linear velocity. sembly. Please see the figure below and note the LVT mounted. vertically at the top of the assembly. The coil winding is divided into two sections
  • Success Story: Electromechanical Assembly
    A major semiconductor company requested a custom motor coil winding assembly for use in their laser lithography machine. The motor assembly is used in conjunction with the magnet portion of the assembly to adjust the stage on which the wafer is mounted to position the wafer as desired. The assembly
  • The wind-up and the pitch
    .-diameter platinum wire that has a breaking strength of just 1.2 gm, " says Dale Henson, owner of , a maker of miniature coil winders. "It is difficult for human hands to get wire that small off a spool and around the filament-dispenser pulleys without breaking, but the winding machines handle
  • Isomandrel Thermally Enhanced Mandrels for Filament Wound Pipes, Tubes and Fibre Reinforced Plastics
    to an optimum controlled temperature to effect cure. This heating can occur while the assembly is still rotating in the winding machine or on a rotating fixture within the manufacturing cell. Acrolab Ltd, working with McClean Anderson of Schofield, Wisconsin and Ameritherm of Scottsville, New York, together
  • Paralleling Power Sources Which Share a Common Neutral
    not. with the Utility. wound to their full pole pitch. In a fractional pitch machine. When neutral circulating current is excessive, it can cause where the coil spans only 60 degrees, the winding pitch is 60/90. generator overheating and/or false tripping of overcurrent pro-. or 2/3. tection. To limit neutral
  • When Adhesives Stick Too Well
    then goes through stainless steel metering rolls where it is chopped into sheets of prescribed lengths. The cut sheets are fed into a winding machine and precision rolled to create a ruggedly sturdy tube which is affixed to the inside corners of a carton. In the winding stage, however, transfer

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