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  • Hammers and Mallets-Image
    Hammers and Mallets - (177 companies)
    ...of the head. It consists of multiple parts: face, eye, neck, throat, crown, and claw. The striking face is what makes contact with a material or object. Crowed hammer faces drive nails without leaving marks on a surface. A hammers throat is attached... Learn More
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    Forging Services - (579 companies)
    In the forging process, metal is shaped by pressing, pounding, or squeezing under very high pressure, to form parts called forgings. Forging processes include cold forging or heading, impression or closed die, open die, and seamless rolled ring... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Forging Machines (hot forming)-Image
    Forging Machines (hot forming) - (32 companies)
    ...the part. The punch's ram causes this malleable metal to conform to the shape of the punch and die cavities. Power hammers or drop hammers, as drop forging equipment is known, may use pneumatic, hydraulic, or electrical power. The dies and punches may... Learn More
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    Forgings and Forged Stock - (150 companies) striking a rough or preformed shape (perform) with a forging hammer or press. The material flows under the impact into the desired shape. The result is a metal part with a very dense structure where the orientation of the grains depends upon the shape... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Rivets - (688 companies)
    ...can be done by heating the rivet until it is red hot and then forging the field head onto it or by using compression from a pneumatic or hydraulic hammer, or a smaller, hand-held rivet tool called a rivet gun. Configurations. A tubular rivet has... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Carbon Steels and Alloy Steels - (1056 companies)
    ...steels contain approximately 0.30 -0.59% carbon. They balance ductility and strength and have good wear resistance. They are used in forging and for large industrial and automotive components. High carbon steels contain approximately 0.6 -0.99% carbon... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Impact Hammers - (57 companies)
    Impact hammers are used in structural and modal analysis to determine component or system response to impacts of varying amplitude and duration. A hammer with a force transducer in its head is paired with an accelerometer on the component being... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Cold Forming and Cold Heading Services - (173 companies)
    Cold forming and cold heading services form metal by placing it under pressure, without the addition of heat, until the desired shape is achieved. Cold heading is commonly used to manufacture bolts, rivet nuts, and many other fasteners. How... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Cold Traps - (8 companies)
    Cold Traps are laboratory glassware apparatus that condense all vapors except permanent gases into liquid or solid. Cold traps are devices meant to protect vacuum pumps from contamination by condensing harmful vapors into a liquid or solid. The trap... Learn More
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    Cold Packs - (28 companies)
    Cold packs, also called ice packs or gel packs, are enclosed sacs of ice or refrigerant used to maintain temperature of a surface or packaged item. Cold packs, also known as ice packs or gel packs, cool objects and the environment around them... Learn More

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...geometry are used to form the metal. The metal is usually heated prior to forging, however some smaller parts may be cold forged. The metal undergoes plastic deformation during the impression die forging process and flows to take on the shape of the dies. The geometry for this type of forging ranges from...

...the ability to produce superior quality metal parts in a wide array of sizes, shapes, materials, and finishes. Several well-known forging processes include impression or closed die, cold forging, and extrusion. There are also open-die and seamless-rolled-ring forging processes, each offering their own...

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