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  • Cold Finishing and Cold Rolling
    or gap. The elevated temperature allows a greater degree of deformation as well as annealing during the process. Cold finished or cold rolled products tend to have less scale on their surfaces than alloys produced by hot rolling.
  • Carbon Steel
    and restraightening improves surface properties and strength. Hot-rolled steel may also be cold finished by metal-removal processes such as turning or grinding. Wrought steel can be subsequently heat treated to improve machinability or to adjust mechanical properties. Carbon steels may be specified
  • Red Metals, Green Lasers WDF 0905 (.pdf)
    materials such as plastics, wood, or rubber. Also, fundamental-mode lasers interact well with non-copper metals such as stainless and cold-rolled steel, high nickel alloys and some aluminiums. However, neither of these wavelengths work consistently well with red metals such as copper alloys and gold
  • Green Lasers, Red Metals (.pdf)
    materials such as plastics, wood or rubber. Also, fundamental-mode 1064 nanometer pulsed Nd:YAG lasers interact well with non-copper metals such as stainless and cold-rolled steel, high nickel alloys and some aluminums.
  • Mitsubishi Laser Doubles Last Year's Sales in Six Months
    of CMMs, and now, four Mitsubishi Lasers. Employment has mushroomed to 60 people, split among three shifts, six days a week. Stamping mostly galvanized or AKDQ cold-rolled steel, the workers typically follow four steps in creating a prototype or production part for a customer, according to Westich:
  • Shaping Steel at 45 MPH
    Modular controller powers hydraulics to fine-tune the thickness of sheet steel. Modern manufacturing techniques demand that the raw materials fed to production lines be consistent. This is particularly true with rolled sheet steel where a variation in steel thickness could damage costly stamping
  • New Flame-Retardant Structural Adhesive
    of 3-5 minutes, a fixture time of 10-15 minutes, and a functional-cure time of 2-3 hours. Once cured, 5 Minute Epoxy FR provides typical tensile shear strength of 2800 psi (on cold-rolled steel) and dielectric strength of 490 volts/mil. As a black, nonshrinking liquid, Cable Cast FR is a special
  • Batteries For Life
    aluminum tetrachloride in thionyl chloride. The current collector makes an electrical connection between the porous carbon cathode and the positive terminal of the battery. The can and cover are typically nickel-plated cold-rolled steel. The cell cover is welded to the cell can by a laser seam-welding
  • Hall Sensor - Test Geartooth Sensing
    e best ferrous targets are made of cold-rolled low carbon steel. Sintered-metal targets are also usable, although care must be taken to ensure uniform material composition and density.
  • Mezzanine Design and Safety Standards
    A mezzanine is an intermediate floor inside of a building, usually open and not walled off. There are a few different types of mezzanines; including stick built, fiberglass, and rack-supported. In general, the two most common types of mezzanines are cold rolled and structural steel. Understanding