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  • New low impact paper
    for available day time hours. 2 Development History Of OptiSpray In order for new products to be created, a bit of history is essential. The first steps in the creation of the fascinating OptiSpray were taken in the painting laboratory with a couple of liters of traditional blade coating color. Spray

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  • Modern Cold Spray
    Cold spray coating property advantages are summarized in Fig. 1.2.
  • Thermal Spray Fundamentals
    Current and expected applications for cold spray coatings are electronic and electrical coatings (Cu, Fe–NdFeB), and coatings for the aircraft (superalloy) and automotive industries for localized corrosion protection (Al, Zn), rapid tooling repair, etc. [2].
  • ZCP2013ITSCL
    Multi-Response Optimization of Process Parameters for Low-Pressure Cold Spray Coating Process Using Taguchi and Utility Concept ...........
    In this study we are investigating the feasibility of using cold spray coating technology to address corrosion-related issues in marine environments of 5083 aluminum-alloy.
  • Microstructural Studies of Cold Sprayed Copper, Nickel, and Nickel-30% Copper Coatings
    Published studies on corrosion resistance of cold sprayed coatings are so far very rare, and have been re- ported only for Zn, Al, or Zn-Al composite coatings.
    formation of IMC was confirmed in the cold sprayed coatings with the high strain energy by kinetic energy.
  • Evaluation of Parameters for Assessment of Inter-Splat Bond Strength in Cold-Sprayed Coatings
    The quality and performance of cold spray coatings are largely determined by the extent and strength of bonding between the adjacent splats.
    Figure 4 shows the polished cross-section images (OM) cold sprayed coatings with the Al (matrix)-Al2O3 (the first reinforced materials)-Mo (the second reinforced materials) combination system.
    Residual stress generation has been widely studied for plasma and HVOF sprayed coatings, but only scare data are available for cold sprayed coatings .
  • ZCP2007ITSC0031
    Adhesion of Cold Sprayed Coatings : Effect of Powder, Substrate, and Heat Treatment H. Mäkinen, J. Lagerbom, P. Vuoristo Tampere University of Technology, Institute of Materials Science, Tampere, Finland .
  • Fatigue behaviour of cold sprayed metals and alloys: critical review
    Particles’ severe plastic deformation occurs at temperature well below the melting point leading to the unique mechanical properties experienced by cold spray coatings .
  • Laser-Assisted Cold-Sprayed Corrosion- and Wear-Resistant Coatings: A Review
    Fig. 26 Anodic polarization behavior of 316SS cold spray coatings of different thicknesses, compared to bulk type 316SS and AZ91E T6 substrate material (Ref 50 .