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  • Latest experiences of film coating
    coated fine paper at 130 °C ink drying temperature The porous structure leads to slightly higher ink consumption, but at the same time gives good set off which is very advantageous, especially in the cold-set process. The spray coating method is well suited for surface sizing. Both wood containing
  • Genesis of Powder Coating
    powder spray (EPS) process was introduced in the U.S.A. and Europe around 1962 to 1964. EPS offered two major advantages. First, substrates could be coated cold (no preheat). Secondly, the film thickness could be reduced to 2 mils (50 microns). EPS is the most commonly used application in the powder
  • ARMEX (R) Cleaning and Coating Removal Systems Produce a "Miracle" on Main Street
    minor depressions in which water can accumulate and freeze, a hazard to motorists in any cold region. Because of these drawbacks, city officials were interested in learning about cost-effective alternatives that could meet their tight scheduling requirements. During early discussions
  • "Space-Age" Surface Enhancement Coatings Fight Environmental Attacks On Oil & Gas Equipment
    flanged riser extension sections in place next to the legs; cut the legs; weld flanges to the legs; make the lift; install/weld on the riser extension pieces.For the cutting, torch cutting was ruled out as too risky and costly. Instead the engineers cold-cut the legs. Keys to that operation were
  • Better coatings standards protect welded-steel tanks
    to paint. This vapor space continues to cycle from wet to dry and hot to cold and is ventilated minimally. Due to the difficulty of accessing and coating these areas, two-coat systems typically are selected — often multicoat systems that use proven organic-zinc rich primers or epoxy primers
  • High-Tech, Space-Age Metal Surface Enhancement Coating Solves Wear and Release Problems for Pine Instrument Company's Gyratory Compaction Asphalt Testers
    frame assembly that ensures that the tile angle of the mold will conform to specifications. At the bottom of the compaction chamber is a 1018 cold rolled steel platen that receives much of the loading force of the tested specimens.When the Pine engineers were designing the 125X, the effective life
  • Medical Device Link .
    , fast-curing compounds. The HSS system features a spray nozzle designed for the company’s Ratio-Pak dual cartridges, which come in ratios from 1:1 to 25:1 and capacities from 100 to 1500 ml. The nozzle can be used at various low pressures, for cold-spray meter-mix coating, and with liner application
  • New low impact paper
    gives good set off which is very advantageous especially in the cold-set process. Structural issues, along with the contour nature of the surface, gloss and smoothness are not necessarily at the same level as when coated by traditional methods. By optimizing the base paper, the coating color