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    Bollards - (220 companies)
    Bollards are structures used to protect buildings from vehicular impact, restrict access or serve as landscape enhancement. Bollards are structures used to restrict access, improve security, and landscape property. While many bollards provide...
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  • Landscape Services-Image
    Landscape Services - (537 companies)
    Landscape services design, develop and maintain the grounds around buildings, office parks, and commercial centers. They specialize in planting and maintaining trees and shrubs, designing and repairing irrigation systems, and seeding and mowing...
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  • Lamps-Image
    Lamps - (1858 companies)
    Lamps are light sources that emit incoherent light for illumination. There are many different types of products. Examples include fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, heat lamps, incandescent lamps, LED lamps, projection lamps, spectral lamps, and stage lamps. Specialized and proprietary lamps are also available.
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  • Earth Moving and Landscaping Machines-Image
    Earth Moving and Landscaping Machines - (778 companies)
    Earth moving and landscape machines are used to prepare construction sites, and to move dirt and gravel. How to Select Earth Moving and Landscaping Machines. Earth moving and landscape machines are used to prepare construction sites and to maintain...
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  • Lighting Fixtures-Image
    Lighting Fixtures - (1657 companies)
    Lighting fixtures produce artificial light in industrial areas or workspaces.
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    Architecture and Architectural Services - (2364 companies)
    ...specifications. Some architecture and architectural services specialize in landscape architecture or historic preservation. Other architects provide town planning, urban design, or code compliance services. As a rule, however, architecture...
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    Material Handling Carts and Trucks - (1331 companies)
    ...for secure positioning it is a necessity. Collapsible: Carts or trucks that can be folded or disassembled represent minimal storage requirements when the cart is not in use. Narrow: Carts that have small widths are meant to increase mobility when confronted...
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    Earth Moving and Site Development Services - (403 companies)
    ...fine grading and landscape restoration, and underground servicing. Others prepare building sites for roadwork, parking lots, and storm water management facilities. Although earth moving and site development services may differ in terms of specific...
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    Reelers and Dereelers - (28 companies)
    Collapsible: These tools produce neat coils of wire and dereel materials forming hanks or coils by reversing the dereeling procedure. Some products employ adjustable friction clutches to prevent overruns when dereeling. Their versatility makes them well...
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    Industrial Containers - (1807 companies)
    ...or humidity. Collapsible flat rack containers which are open sided containers with end bulkheads that can be folded down when the rack is empty. General purpose containers are enclosed, box type containers used for general purpose transportation...
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  • Future Security
    … vehicle damages a wall or a column heavily such that as a consequence the entire building collapses . … can create obstacles, like traffic islands, that avoid high speed driving, or install bollards , high curbs, or … Landscape Architecture, Terrain Modelling .
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  • Crime Modeling and Mapping Using Geospatial Technologies
    Many of these are damaged, sometimes in danger of collapse , and often overgrown with vegetation. … Example images extracted from the spatial video showing crime-associated aspects of the landscape (Source: Spatial video … … terrible condition, even to the point of being impassable, with D showing a bollard placed in the …
  • Handbook for Blast Resistant Design of Buildings Complete Document
    designed for progressive collapse . … as possible, in that the siting of the entrances, exits, fences, lighting, and landscaping tends to guide … Finally, the use of fences, bollards , signage, and the like, termed “territoriality,” clearly defines the property …
  • Monuments in the Desert: A Maritime Landscape in Namibia
    … ordinates of the main deck features, (4) photograph diagnostic features like rudder, fairleads, bollards , bulkheads, davits, compass … The wreck site of Eduard Bohlen II in the Namib Desert is a notoriously harsh landscape . Fig. 12 Eduard Bohlen II stern port view of collapsed guard rail and rudder (WUC photograph .
  • Point of View: Maritime Security, Piracy, and the Global Supply Chain
    Furthermore, the ability to impose physical standoff—that is, the distance between an explosive and the target—through deterrent systems such as barriers, bollards , or landscaping , or through con- trolled access points, is limited. In contrast, extensive damage to a bridge column has great potential to precipitate partial or total collapse .
    19 Figure 11: Bollards keeping cars at a safe distance from the building. Figure 15: Landscaping used to protect building's facade. 40 Figure 19: Membrane action maintaining the slab from collapsing .
    socioeconomic, and national security concerns that would result from the collapse of an Furthermore, many (but certainly not all) buildings can be protected by cost-effective, non-structural methods such as by reducing the proximity of a threat through the use of bollards , fencing, security checkpoints, and landscaping ; however, most bridges inherently provide access to …
  • National Security Sprawl: Washington DC
    … the flight, a catastrophic earthbound spiral from an altitude of 7,000 feet collapsed institutional distinctions that … Greater Washington DC’s airspace offers strategic overviews of tangled metropolitan landscapes shaped by the exigencies of successive … … preservation, introduced to the monumental core an aestheticised arsenal – hardened street furniture, bollards and plinth walls …