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  • Future Security
    … vehicle damages a wall or a column heavily such that as a consequence the entire building collapses . … can create obstacles, like traffic islands, that avoid high speed driving, or install bollards , high curbs, or … Landscape Architecture, Terrain Modelling .
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    … rust_V 02864593_N|the road was closed to vehicular traffic with bollards|road_N be_V close_V vehicular_traffic_N bollard _N 02867401_N|black bombazine … … carriage house|have_V large_J carriage_house_N 03545756_N|he built three levels of his cardcastle before it collapsed |build_V level_N cardcastle_N … … be_V wire_N fiber_optics_N microwave_N 03640288_N|they spent a great deal of money on the landscaping |spend_V great_deal_N money_N …
  • Crime Modeling and Mapping Using Geospatial Technologies
    Many of these are damaged, sometimes in danger of collapse , and often overgrown with vegetation. … Example images extracted from the spatial video showing crime-associated aspects of the landscape (Source: Spatial video … … terrible condition, even to the point of being impassable, with D showing a bollard placed in the …
  • Handbook for Blast Resistant Design of Buildings Complete Document
    designed for progressive collapse . … as possible, in that the siting of the entrances, exits, fences, lighting, and landscaping tends to guide … Finally, the use of fences, bollards , signage, and the like, termed “territoriality,” clearly defines the property …
  • Monuments in the Desert: A Maritime Landscape in Namibia
    … ordinates of the main deck features, (4) photograph diagnostic features like rudder, fairleads, bollards , bulkheads, davits, compass … The wreck site of Eduard Bohlen II in the Namib Desert is a notoriously harsh landscape . Fig. 12 Eduard Bohlen II stern port view of collapsed guard rail and rudder (WUC photograph .
  • Point of View: Maritime Security, Piracy, and the Global Supply Chain
    Furthermore, the ability to impose physical standoff—that is, the distance between an explosive and the target—through deterrent systems such as barriers, bollards , or landscaping , or through con- trolled access points, is limited. In contrast, extensive damage to a bridge column has great potential to precipitate partial or total collapse .
    19 Figure 11: Bollards keeping cars at a safe distance from the building. Figure 15: Landscaping used to protect building's facade. 40 Figure 19: Membrane action maintaining the slab from collapsing .
    socioeconomic, and national security concerns that would result from the collapse of an Furthermore, many (but certainly not all) buildings can be protected by cost-effective, non-structural methods such as by reducing the proximity of a threat through the use of bollards , fencing, security checkpoints, and landscaping ; however, most bridges inherently provide access to …
  • National Security Sprawl: Washington DC
    … the flight, a catastrophic earthbound spiral from an altitude of 7,000 feet collapsed institutional distinctions that … Greater Washington DC’s airspace offers strategic overviews of tangled metropolitan landscapes shaped by the exigencies of successive … … preservation, introduced to the monumental core an aestheticised arsenal – hardened street furniture, bollards and plinth walls …