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  • Cable Reels-Image
    Cable Reels - (243 companies)
    ...are devices around which lengthy, continuous items such as cable, wires, paper, etc., are wrapped for transportation or storage. Reels are available as simple storage devices although more advanced styles are self-winding. They are also available with live...
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  • Reels-Image
    Reels - (663 companies)
    Reels are devices around which lengthy, continuous items such as cable, wires, paper, etc. are wrapped for transportation or storage. Reels Information. Reels are revolvable devices around which lengthy, continuous items such as cable, wires, paper...
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  • Posts, Spacers, and Standoffs-Image
    Posts, Spacers, and Standoffs - (470 companies)
    ...and vibration. Male standoffs, female standoffs, and swage spacers are commonly available. Binding Posts. A binding post is a device that allows a wire to be connected to an electrical circuit board or electronic device. Posts usually consist of: A metal...
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  • Industrial Shelving and Racking-Image
    Industrial Shelving and Racking - (1145 companies)
    ...cantilever, gravity, flow, pallet, drive-in, reel, pick, multi-tier and horizontal bar shelves and racks. Cantilever systems consist of welded steel components that are bolted together for strength and durability. Gravity racks use skate wheel conveyors...
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  • Furniture-Image
    Furniture - (816 companies)
    ...industrial steel due to its long-lasting durability; however, another popular option is the woven wire cabinets that allow easy visibility. Standards. BS 3044 - GUIDE TO ERGONOMICS PRINCIPLES IN THE DESIGN AND SELECTION OF OFFICE FURNITURE. A-A-3173...
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    Wire to Wire Connectors - (80 companies)
    Wire to Wire Connectors Information. Wire-to-wire connectors are used to connect two wire-terminated connectors. They are used as electrical connectors, electronic connectors, and computer connectors. General specifications for a wire-to-wire...
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    Wire Mills and Wire Flattening Machines - (53 companies)
    ...and wire flattening machines can also produce square-edged rectangle, trapezoids, oval, half round, or other, unlisted shaped wire. For most wire mill and wire flattening applications, a single-stand, two-stand, or three-stand tandems are needed...
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    Wire Brushes - (130 companies)
    Wire Brushes Information. Wire brushes are tools primarily used for abrasive purposes, such as cleaning rust and removing paint. Wire brushes are also used for cleaning surfaces for better conductivity of electrical connections such as car battery...
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    Wire Harness Testers - (44 companies)
    ...and often include handles. Floor-standing wire harness testers are built to stand on the floor. In addition, other specialized or proprietary configurations may be available for wire harness testers. Selection. When considering the selection of wire...
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    Wire Forming Services - (452 companies)
    How to Select Wire Forming Services. Wire bending. Wire forming machine. Image Credit: Chief Manufacturing | rmi | flora Engineering Corp. Providers of wire forming services stamp and bend wire into fabricated shapes such as clips, springs...
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  • An Innovative Method of Load Testing Deep Foundations
    The wires are connected to the data ac- quisition system when the pile is ready for monitoring. The data ac- quisition system and appurtenances consisting of 90 m of cable, a reel , and a collapsible stand can be transported in two cases.
  • Studies on the Wuthkrankheit
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    560 Payout Tension Control System for Reel Mounted Cable 477 Pendulum Based Power Supply for Projectiles 653 Phase Control Mechanism for Wave … … Shaping an Electrorheological Solid 61 Processing of Shipboard Wastewater 178 Processing Treatment of Amorphous Magnetostrictive Wires 349 Programmable Electroset Processes … … Having a Flexible Magnetic Core 256 Spinning Filter Separation System for Oil Spill Clean-Up Operation 130 Split Face Mechanical Seal System 86 Stabilized Tumblehome Hull Form 143 Standing Wave Magnetometer 181 Steering … … by Bubble Formation and Collapse 386 System for Monitoring …
  • ZASMHBA0004008
    These spiders, with collapsible feet, can be equipped with automatic discharging mechanisms to transfer drawn coils to wire carriers or stems. Pouring and laying reels are used for receiving finished rods. Roughing stands The billets illustrated above are one of the intermediate forms between the steel ingot and …
  • Dictionary of the geology / Dictionary of Geology
    … concentric cleavage concentric Schieferung f concentric fissure concentric column f concentric fold concentric foldings f, parallel fold … … body conductive the conductive body to condition of stress voltage state m conductance conductivity f, conductivity n conductimetry conductivity measurement f conducting power conductivity f, conductivity n conduction line f, conductivity f soil … … measurement f conductor casing standpipe n conductor of electricity … Zapfenm, Fruchtzapfenm cone bit Kegel[rollen]meissel m cone crusher cone crusher m cone cup inner form of the Tuten structures of cone delta Alluvialkegel m, alluvial cone m, bowling delta n (alluvium on the mouth of rock currents in the foreland …
  • SemCor (\
    … subject_to_J|10 transparent_J|6 mm_N|16 lens_N|5 silent_movie_N|2 fictional_J|10 cinematic_J|3 narrative_J|1 trick_N|6 half_J|31 ensue_V|7 incalculable_J|1 for_one_thing_R|6 reel _N|3 shatter_V|11 good_guy_N|1 … … slight_N|2 theoretical_J|8 standstill_N|1 coexist_V|1 cooperative_N|4 commune_N|6 socialized_J|1 world_court_N|1 world_council_N|1 horrible_J|3 quell_V|3 technology_N|14 growing_J|23 sociological_J|2 hardware_N|3 day_by_day_R|3 mortal_N|1 discernable_J|1 attribute_V|16 worse_J|14 remembrance_N|3 childhood_N|10 atomic_bomb_N|2 comet_N|1 garage_N|12 worried_J|7 fool_N|17 adequately_R|7 stand _out_V|8 amenable_J|1 ritual_N|10 collective_J|7 … … frightful_J|2 abjection_N|1 infidelity_N|2 perceive_V|16 collapse _V|13 ultimately_R|8 emblematic_J|3 strikingly_R|3 … … signed_J|3 gunshot_N|1 horseman_N|2 sight_V|4 hills_N|12 justice_of_the_peace_N|1 take_part_V|11 take_out_V|21 belongings_N|2 single_out_V|3 prosecution_N|4 at_large_J|3 entrench_V|1 wire _V|6 hand_grenade_N|2 wisely_R|2 …
  • Bases of the helicopter-aerodynamics
    foldable carried out cherweise as rolling bearing, that means, ball bearing, roller bearing or needle bearings come for … … the bearings permanent lubrication, why car gyros and early helicopters had the oil level display glasses on … … recognize the rotor head in Abb. 1.56 e.g. in many oil lines by the CH …
  • The testing of fine wires for telecommunication apparatus
    Perfect-layer reeling of enamelled wire, however, unless very tight indeed, tends to collapse, and even tight-reeled wire may collapse if the reel is banged down on its cheek. Large-barrel micrometers (held in a stand of large mass to minimize errors due to temperature changes …
  • A hi-density C4/CBGA interconnect technology for a CMOS microprocessor
    and reel if customers have high volume demands and prefer reels over trays. … assembly of the C4/CBGA package to the board, the higher melt 90/10 (leadkin) balls do not collapse . This results in the CBGA component having a stand off height of nearly 0.94 mm (37 … … Interconnectionand C4 Characterization The C4 bonding technology reduces the bonding inter- connection inductance compared to wire bonding.
  • Clinically-ophthalmic Miscellen
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