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  • Baghouses and Baghouse Filters-Image
    Baghouses and Baghouse Filters - (138 companies)
    ...high efficiencies for PM collection, especially for small particles. Not well suited for very high dust loads. Cost-effective when properly designed and maintained. Requires a lot of maintenance. Modular design for convenient assembly. Large footprint...
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    Minimum Particle Size Filtered
  • Downdraft Tables-Image
    Downdraft Tables - (67 companies)
    ...efficient filters to capture particles as small as .5 microns. Compressed-air, pulse-jet blasts may be used to ensure that filters maintain peak operational efficiency. Types. There are two basic types of downdraft tables: wet and dry. Wet downdraft tables...
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  • Dust Collectors-Image
    Dust Collectors - (773 companies)
    ...devices (precleaners) to lighten heavy dust loads before the use of more expensive pollution control devices (e.g. baghouses, electrostatic precipitators) which have higher collection efficiencies. Cyclones can also handle a range of temperatures...
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  • Electrostatic Precipitators-Image
    Electrostatic Precipitators - (54 companies)
    ...particulate matter (PM) from exhaust gases. Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) are highly-efficient and can remove dust and smoke from the airstream by minimally interfering with the flow of gases through the device. The collection efficiency...
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  • Data Collection Terminals-Image
    Data Collection Terminals - (125 companies)
    Data collection terminals are portable or handheld devices that are used to input, read, and/or log data. They often have barcode and wireless data transmission capability. Data collection terminals are portable or handheld devices used to input...
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    Air Filters (industrial) - (934 companies)
    Electrostatic filters are capable of 94-96% efficiency in eliminating contaminants under proper operating conditions. A cross-sectional view of a typical electrostatic filter. Image credit: S.I. Rosati. Electronic Filtration. Electronic filters consist...
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    Mist Collectors and Fume Collectors - (336 companies)
    ...the range of capability of the collector. Efficiency, collection efficiency, or capture rate defines the percentage of mist or smoke pollutants removed by the collector. Certain types of filters have rated efficiencies for particulate collection. High...
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    Filter Media - (448 companies)
    ...and Beverage. Hydrocarbon Processing (Oil & Gas). Medical. Municipal Water Supply. Pool and Spa. Power Generation. Pulp and Paper. Semiconductor Processing. Waste Treatment. Standards. ISO 29463-1 - High-efficiency filters and filter media for removing...
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    Vacuum Cleaners - (320 companies) a rigid frame. They have a minimum particle collection efficiency of 99.999 percent for particles greater than or equal to .12 micron in size. ULPA filters are more efficient than HEPA filters and are often used in facilities that manufacture...
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    Energy Product Testing Services - (93 companies)
    Energy product testing services test, evaluate, and analyze the safety, efficiency and performance of energy storage, power generation, and transmission systems that use conventional, renewable or alternative energy. Energy product testing services...
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