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  • How to Maintain your Dust Collector
    this accumulated dust cake provides high-efficiency collection of fine particulate. In fact, the highest efficiency a dust collector can offer is just before the cleaning is initiated. However, high differential pressures can cause filter media bleed-through or blinding. Therefore, do not to exceed
  • How to Achieve Maximum Dust Collector System Performance and Efficiency--Plus Significant Savings in Energy, Operational Costs
    in conjunction with an optimized downward flow dust collector will result in less pulse cleaning cycles (less compressed air use) and significantly longer filter life. Most importantly, this combination, in addition to maximizing overall system performance and efficiency, will bring significant savings
  • Using Nanotechnology for More Efficient Dust Collection
    hair can translate into huge advantages in filter efficiency, cleanability, filter life, and energy use. A typical dust collector cartridge filter is a cylinder of pleated fabric (called media) on a cylindrical frame. The filter has two endcaps, and one is attached to the dust collector's tube sheet
  • Understanding Cyclone Dust Collectors
    Cyclone separators are the simplest and least expensive dust collection devices for industrial air pollution control. Operation and maintenance are simple because they have no moving parts. This article discusses the most common cyclone separator design, the involute entry type with a counterflow
  • Advantages of Cleaning without a Venturi In Pulse Jet Baghouse Collectors (.pdf)
    part of the dust collector because it controls efficiency and media life. In order to. clean a row of bags in a reverse pulse jet baghouse first the flow of filtered air must be momentarily stopped and then back. flushed or “induce” air to knock the dust cake off the outside of the filter media
  • Four Dust Collection System Design Improvements That Can Yield Significant Annual Energy Cost Savings
    The design and location of a dust collection system's hood, ducting, collector and fan can collectively add sufficient static pressure requirements to the point where larger, more expensive to operate motors are necessary to maintain effectiveness. Optimizing these areas can make it possible to use
  • Collecting and Testing Dust: Knowing Dust Characteristics Facilitates Ventilation Equipment Selection
    . Call us: 877-669-5764. Live Customer Service Site Map. Industrial Dust Collectors and Fume Collection Equipment. Home. About Us. Products. Applications. Contact Us. Farr Gold Series Collectors. GS Camtain Collectors. GS High Vacuum Collectors. GSB Booths. GSP Packaged Systems. GS4M Mini Systems
  • New Dust Collection System Puts Air Quality Levels Below Hexavalent Chromium (Cr(VI)) Action Level
    for the two. cleaner than before,” notes Daryl. low-velocity robotic flame spray. Crawmer, director of technology at. booths. With 99.999% efficiency, car-. Thermal Spray Technologies. “Our. tridge dust collectors are ideal for the. reworked system not only captures. collection of Cr(VI) dust/fumes
  • Dust Particle Capture (.pdf)
    Maximising dust collection as a revenue source may not, at first, seem an obvious way to reduce plant costs. However, Midwesco Filter has shown that by setting the best operating parameters and the right environment for cleaning systems, cement plants can not only ensure optimised cleaning
  • Pressure Transmitters Increasing Efficiency and Safety
    , either through retrofit or in new installations). In some cases, the dust collection system will have a duct hood at several workstations. In the machining, welding, abrasives and carpentry industries, the dusts created can be hazardous for workers: metal, magnesium oxide, aluminum oxide and wood dust