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    Densitometers - (42 companies)
    ...and an analog meter or integrated circuitry to show the data. There are three basic types of densitometers: scanning densitometers, reflection densitometers, and transmission densitometers. A scanning densitometer often has separate, pre-set steps... Learn More
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    Color Meters and Appearance Instruments - (156 companies)
    ...and a photoelectric cell reads the light as it passes through. The density is measured by observing how much light made it through the object. For solid objects, the amount of light reflected off is measures. Densitometers do not give complete color information... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Color Sensors - (95 companies)
    Color sensors register items by contrast, true color, or translucent index. True color sensors are based on one of the color models, most commonly the RGB model (red, green, blue). A large percentage of the visible spectrum can be created using... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Color Swatches and Reference Systems - (28 companies)
    Color swatches and reference systems consist of a set or palette of chips, swatches or panels with different colors for calibration of color instruments, painting blending systems, and for color selection. How to Select Color Swatches and Reference... Learn More
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    Color Filters - (93 companies)
    Color filters include a wide range of filter types that are distinguished by their specific color spectrums and wavelengths, as well as their Schott glass compositions. Image Credit: Thorlabs, Inc. | Knight Optical Ltd. | Andover Corporation. Color... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Equipment - (1108 companies)
    ...result in increased absorption. Gauges are often calibrated with samples of a known thickness, density, or mass. Equipment that uses penetrating X-rays or gamma rays is commonly available. Densitometers are used to quantity the density variants... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Calibration and Reference Standards - (452 companies)
    ...for Inspection. Inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) use calibration standards and reference sources. These calibration standards and reference sources include flaw, conductivity, densitometer, and radiographic standards, as well as standards for hardness... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Supplies and Accessories - (219 companies)
    NDT supplies and accessories are components, ancillary equipment, standards, and consumable materials used in non-destructive testing (NDT). Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Densometers and Porosimeters - (36 companies)
    Densometers and porosimeters are used for measuring porosity, air permeability or air resistance of sheet-like or bulk materials. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Colorants - (562 companies)
    Colorants are dispersed in paints and caulk to provide characteristics such as color, hiding power, bulk, durability and corrosion resistance. Image credit: BJB Enterprises, Inc. | RSM Dyechem. Colorants are additives which contribute color or other... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...making these objects a metameric pair. This difference depends on the light source and the sensitivity of the sensor or the response of the human visual system. Common color-measurement devices are densitometers, colorimeters and spectrometers. A densitometer measures and computes how much of a known...

Bitmap File. The standard graphics format for Windows images. Usually carries the file extension .BMP. Bleed. Printing that goes to the edge of the sheet after trimming. BMP. A computer graphics format "Bitmap IBM format " not generally used in professional printing. Choke. When trapping color...

...the reaction on the membrane. Table I. Description of current methods of risk assessment, detection, and diagnosis. (Click to enlarge). A calibrated imaging densitometer scans the membrane and quantifies the RDU, a measure of the color intensity of the dots on the membrane. The data from the densitometer...

Designed for optimum weight, balance, and grip, the Hu-Friedy Advantouch dental instruments work as an ergonomically sound alternative to traditional stainless steel instruments. Attractive and less intimidating to patients, the tools also feature a vibrant color-coding system that dentists can...

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Densitometer - reading proof color bars
Densitometer - reading proof color bars Thread: Densitometer - reading proof color bars

Operator's Guide Getting Started The Kodak Digital Science...
and software: Visual Gray Balance Visual Linearity Macintosh Systems Densitometer Calibration Recommended System Configuration ? a 68040 or PowerPC

KODAK HAWKEYE Traffic Surveillance Color Film March 2010 ?...

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Color Densitometers, CTP Calibration Systems for Print Quality
Color Viewers The greatest color tool since the densitometer Color Viewer III, Color Viewer II
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Color Densitometers for Printers
Perfect Densitometer for the 4-Color Press The Do-It-All 7-Color Spectro-Densitometer
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ASTM D7305 - 08a Standard Test Method for Reflection Density...
process color; reflection densitometer; reflection density; spectrodensitometer; Printed matter; Reflection density; ICS Number Code 37.100.01
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Fiery EX2000v Color Server Product Brochure: DocuColor 2000...
V E R ? 4553_EX2000v RIP Sheetd 6/21/2001 10:09 AM Page 2 FIERY EX2000v COLOR SERVER Performance.
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Fiery EX2000d Product Brochure: DocuColor 2000 Printer
X-Rite's DTP32 AutoScan Color Densitometer provides simple operation and automation Welcome to the new standard in color server technology.
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Colorimetry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is about measurement of color.

HP Designjet 130 Printer series Printers for creative...
Color images that last Postcards to posters ? Fade-resistant, photo-quality images.

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