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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MT9P031I12STC Digi-Key Aptina LLC Sensors, Transducers SENSOR IMAGE COLOR CMOS 48-LCC
MT9V032L12STC ES Digi-Key Aptina LLC Sensors, Transducers IC SENSOR IMAGE VGA COLOR 48LCC
MT9V135C12STC Digi-Key Aptina LLC Sensors, Transducers SENSOR IMAGE COLOR CMOS 48-CLCC
4H2099 Digi-Key Eastman Kodak Company Sensors, Transducers SENSOR IMAGE WVGA COLOR 48-PQFP
KAC-9628 Digi-Key Eastman Kodak Company Sensors, Transducers IC SENSOR IMAGE VGA COLOR 48CLCC
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  • What accuracies can color sensors and mini-spectrometers achieve?
    values from the test setting. Image 4: RGB sensor (absorption filter) with color drift. True Color sensor (interference filter) without. Two systems using a feedback control loop with RGB and True Color sensors have been setup and calibrated at a temperature of 40°C (104°F). Afterwards
  • Image Sensor Architectures for Digital Cinematography
    Regardless of the technology of image acquisition (CCD or CMOS), electronic image sensors must capture incoming light, convert it to electric signal, measure that signal, and output it to supporting electronics. Similarly, regardless of the technology of image acquisition, cinematographers can
  • Accuracy optimization of True Color Sensor solutions for LED color control of multiple LED light sources
    require long-term stable and reliable LED lighting control and regulation methods.  . Image 1: LED feedback control system. A LED feedback control system requires accurate and fast measurements of the current color point. For this purpose a True Color sensor (TCS) is required. Unlike a spectrometer
  • A CMOS Active Pixel Image Sensor with In-pixel CDS for High-Speed Cameras (.pdf)
    . transistors. In-pixel charge transfer amplifiers are usually used for active pixel sensors (APS) with a buried photodiode. [6][7][8], and a photogate [9]. It is very effective for low-noise high-sensitivity image sensors if the perfect charge. SPIE USE, V. 2 5301A-32 (p.1 of 8) / Color: No / Format
  • Video Image Fusion for Real-Time Systems (.pdf)
    sensors sensitive to multiple wavebands including color visible, intensified visible, near infrared, thermal infrared and terahertz imagers. Typically these systems have a single display that is only capable of showing data from one camera at a time, so the operator must choose which image
  • Color Machine Vision Goes Beyond the Visible
    environmental factors, have long been sought. However, color response can be affected by so many factors, from ambient conditions to aging sensors and lights, that creating a bulletproof imaging colorimeter remains a difficult and expensive enterprise. "The best accuracy for an imaging colorimeter
  • How to Image in Extreme, Low-light Conditions
    Imaging in extremely low light ccan present a challenge for a variety of tasks, including military, biomedicascientific, non-destructive testing, underwater research, realism broadcaTV, and mine and safety inspection. achieve clear, full color, full motion images in starlight or extreme low-light
  • How to Get the Best Image Quality from Your IP Camera
    sensors have. In fact, with CMOS development now in high gear, the gap in image quality compared with CCD sensors can be expected to decrease even further in the near future. The Megapixel and CMOS vs. CCD Myth. Do megapixel images provide higher video quality than SD images?. No! By definition

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