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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MT9P031I12STC Digi-Key Aptina LLC Sensors, Transducers SENSOR IMAGE COLOR CMOS 48-LCC
MT9V032L12STC ES Digi-Key Aptina LLC Sensors, Transducers IC SENSOR IMAGE VGA COLOR 48LCC
MT9V135C12STC Digi-Key Aptina LLC Sensors, Transducers SENSOR IMAGE COLOR CMOS 48-CLCC
4H2099 Digi-Key Eastman Kodak Company Sensors, Transducers SENSOR IMAGE WVGA COLOR 48-PQFP
KAC-9628 Digi-Key Eastman Kodak Company Sensors, Transducers IC SENSOR IMAGE VGA COLOR 48CLCC
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  • Image Sensor Architectures for Digital Cinematography
    Regardless of the technology of image acquisition (CCD or CMOS), electronic image sensors must capture incoming light, convert it to electric signal, measure that signal, and output it to supporting electronics. Similarly, regardless of the technology of image acquisition, cinematographers can
  • AN10: QE Measurements of the RadEye1 Image Sensor
    Visible light and silicon diodes work well together to produce electronic charge. In fact, photosensitive silicon is so receptive to light that incident photons on the order of 200 nW/cm2 will saturate a RadEye TM sensor. The efficiency with which a photodiode converts incident photons
  • Color systems see what grayscales miss
    stations in the GSMAdesigned factory. A color sensor has captured an image of a wiring harness and is checking for the correct order of colored wires. Color sensors coupled to interpretive software make inspection systems in packaging applications more capable and smarter than those based on grayscale
  • Video Image Fusion for Real-Time Systems (.pdf)
    sensors sensitive to multiple wavebands including color visible, intensified visible, near infrared, thermal infrared and terahertz imagers. Typically these systems have a single display that is only capable of showing data from one camera at a time, so the operator must choose which image
  • How to Image in Extreme, Low-light Conditions
    Imaging in extremely low light ccan present a challenge for a variety of tasks, including military, biomedicascientific, non-destructive testing, underwater research, realism broadcaTV, and mine and safety inspection. achieve clear, full color, full motion images in starlight or extreme low-light
  • Pump Up the Pixels Pump up the pixels
    of most consumers. The X3, a new image sensor introduced to the market in early '02, from Foveon, Santa Clara, Calif. ( ), promises to deliver the sharpest digital images yet at a price that should help crack the consumer market. All image sensors do the same thing: sense light. Standard sensors
  • Medical Device Link .
    the stomach and small bowel. The sensor was developed by Photobit Corp. (Pasadena, CA), a supplier of CMOS image sensors for use in a variety of applications. The sensor's small silicon die size and its low power dissipation enabled development of a pill that provides an alternative
  • High-Speed Videography Using a Dense Camera Array (.pdf)
    We demonstrate a system for capturing multi-thousand frame-per-second (fps) video using a dense array of cheap 30fps CMOS image sensors. A benefit of using a camera array to capture high-speed video is that we can scale to higher speeds by simply adding more cameras. Even at extremely high frame

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