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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
EVAL-CN0312-SDPZ Digi-Key Analog Devices Inc Programmers, Development Systems BOARD EVAL COLORIMETER CN0312
5870004 Radwell Hach Test Equipment, Calibrator/Simulator POCKET COLORIMETER II KIT WATERPROOF ANALYSIS

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  • Measuring Coffee with Colorimeters (.pdf)
    colorimeter used for the measurement was a large desktop type and required an exclusive room and operator for measurements. Because of this, the company investigated the possibility of improving efficiency in the color measurement operation by introducing a portable type colorimeter to allow measurement
  • Colorimeters and Cheese Measurement (.pdf)
    not brown easily. A cheese factory has been using the Colorimeter to measure the degree of browning of the natural cheese in the selection process. The measuring method is as follows; (In this factory, plastic wrap is used to prevent the specimen from stocking to the Colorimeter.) 1. cut a specimen 15mm
  • Colorimeters and Dental Applications (.pdf)
    . For this investigation, the color of the sample requires quantification with a colorimeter which can measure the samples (10mm) accurately and provide numerical data. Surface treatment agents are also receiving attention for use on industrial parts. A sample treated with a surface treatment agent
  • Guide to CCD-Based Imaging Colorimeters
    Selecting the right CCD-based imaging colorimeter for an inspection application requires understanding a few basic trade-offs in imaging colorimeter architecture. Proper selection of CCD, control electronics, filter, and lenses will help to ensure the optimal camera for a particular measurement
  • How to Use Imaging Colorimeters for FPD Automated Optical Inspection
    Perhaps no single component is as critical to the usability and perceived quality of today's smartphones, tablets, and other electronics as their displays. The use of imaging colorimeter systems and associated analytical software to assess FPD brightness and color uniformity, contrast
  • TSLx257 Colorimeter Demo: Theory and Design
  • Colorimeters and Skin Cancer Detection (.pdf)
    Ultraviolet radiation, a major risk factor for skin cancer, is also the most avoidable; yet, skin cancer has become the most common malignancy in the U.S. Researches agree that because exposure in childhood may increase the risks, primary prevention must start early in life, when habits, attitudes
  • Measuring Preforms with Spectrophotometers and Colorimeters (.pdf)
    The popularity of soft drinks, juices, sports beverages, and bottled water is responsible for the use of millions of PET bottles daily in the U.S. For manufacturers of these containers, this has been good for business. Brand managers wanting to distinguish their product have turned to color as a
  • Measuring Baked Goods with Colorimeters (.pdf)
    When Pepperidge Farm installed Minolta Corp's. BC-10 Baking Contrast Meters, judging the color of baked goods became a cinch. According to Mike Davis, bakery technologist at Pepperidge Farm, evaluating color by eye isn't as easy as many home bakers might think, in fact, he said it was a big
  • Amaranth Red and its Use in the Wine Industry
    The In-Spec (R) Amaranth Red standard is ideal for use in the wine industry for some common testing that is performed on colorimeters or spectrophotometers.

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