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Application of image processing technology for unloading...
Application of image processing technology for unloading automation of robot combine harvester

International Harvester 15 series combines
This new auger allowed the operator to position the grain spout hydraulically where he needed it while unloading to distribute truck loads evenly.

Auger flow control spout with overflow
The auger may be a combine, grain cart unloading auger or a grain auger.

A spout is used for confining the grain flow from a combine unloading auger.

International & Case IH Combines - Unloading Auger...
Unloading Auger Extension Kit with Grain Saver
See Abilene Machine, Inc. Information

Harvesting Equipment
capacity and gives the operator improved grain-unloading visibility with its forward-unloading auger.

CASE IH AXIAL-FLOW COMBINES Performing Beyond exPectations
From the very first single-rotor combine in the field, Axial-Flow set the benchmark and then exceeded expectations for grain quality, grain savings
See Case IH Information

Options to Fit Your Specific Needs! Patented Front Folding...
Patented Front-Folding Corner Auger Carts The Most Dependable and Easiest to Operate Carts Value-Added Design While all grain carts share basic

Self-Propelled Grain Combines

Evaluation Report No. E3079B Printed: May, 1980 Tested at:...
take-off driven pull-type 4. Modifi cations to the unloading auger to increase reach and to combine with a transverse-mounted, tangential threshing

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