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They call it rapid manufacturing, and its progress has been slow, though steady, in gaining the acceptance of industry. The Museum of Modern Art in New York currently has one of its periodic exhibits showcasing artifacts that make use of industrial and commercial technology. It's called Design...

), Alpnach, Switzerland. Syringe assembly machine. A compact machine is specialized for the assembly of prefilled syringes into safety devices to satisfy the demand for the protection of healthcare workers from needlestick injuries. Compatible with all commercial syringe-safety devices, the Type 211...

...than 60 metals and nearly 200 alloys are available in small quantities for use in research and development. The range includes high-purity and commercial metals and common alloys as well as controlled-expansion alloys, thermocouple alloys, and magnetic shielding alloys. The materials are available...

...of commercial printing machines asked Bob 's to quote on the full production of about 125 part numbers (later increased to 250), owner Bob Hale initially balked. He assumed that a quote from a U.S. source would simply be used to benchmark Asian suppliers. The reality was different. As it happened...

Divs., Designatronics Inc., 2101 Jericho Tpke., Box 5416, New Hyde Park, NY 11042. Tabletop Packaging System Offers sealing and label printing Specifically designed for in-house packaging of small medical products, a tabletop machine is easy to operate and maintain. In addition to heat sealing...

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