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  • Distortion and source impedance in JFET-input op amps
    of two JFET-input op amps for high and low source impedance. A new fabrication process that limits common mode capacitance provides more device options when low distortion is required over a wide range of source impedance.
  • Medical Device Link .
    contributor to cable shielding failure and common-mode currents. Simply put, wires and traces are always high impedance. This is why a ground plane should be used at high frequencies: to keep the ground impedance as low as possible. How high is a high frequency? That depends on the application
  • Medical Device Link . EMI and Power Supplies in Medical Electronics
    to enclosure ground, are especially effective against common-mode interference. However, where this option is restricted by leakage-current requirements, designers must rely on the only available option: installing the high-impedance series elements known as inductors, which are far less effective
  • Wideband Transformers
    between input and output. 4. Ground isolation for common mode rejection. 5. Signal distribution and mixing. Baluns are transformers designed to interface balanced and unbalanced circuits. In an "unbalanced" or "single ended" system the "LO" side is at AC ground. In a balanced circuit the mid-point
  • Compact Filtering for High Current & High Frequency Applications (.pdf)
    is typically above common chassis wiring. The conductors used for this level of current are either bus bars or wire larger than 8AWG (8mm2). Only high performance filters (those achieving 40dB insertion loss or more) are considered here because this level of filtering cannot be easily obtained by simple
  • Medical Device Link . EMI at the Patient Cable Radio-frequency interference poses a major threat to sensitive patient cables, but there are several ways to address this problem with success.
    , the article also discusses ways to address these issues, including diverting the interference currents from the isolated circuit area and inserting series common mode (CM) impedance on the signal line. Chassis ground must exist for these solutions to work. Three primary conditions cause radiated