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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
dsPIC33FJ32MC202 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided operating voltage. Industrial and Extended temperature. Low power consumption Communication Modules: 4-wire SPI: - Framing supports I/O interface to simple codecs - Supports 8-bit and 16-bit data - Supports all serial clock formats and sampling modes. I2C ™: - Full Multi-Master Slave mode...
dsPIC33FJ256MC710A Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided . Communication Modules: 3-wire SPI (up to 2 modules): - Framing supports I/O interface to simple codecs - Supports 8-bit and 16-bit data - Supports all serial clock formats and sampling modes. I2C ™ (up to 2 modules): - Full Multi-Master Slave mode support - 7-bit and 10-bit addressing - Bus collision...
dsPIC33FJ128MC710A Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided 16-bit capture input functions - 4-deep FIFO on each capture. Output Compare (up to 8 channels): - Single or Dual 16-Bit Compare mode - 16-bit Glitchless PWM mode Communication Modules: 3-wire SPI (up to 2 modules): - Framing supports I/O interface to simple codecs - Supports 8-bit and 16-bit data...
D0-06DR Not Provided Programmable Controllers / DirectLogic Series PLCs (Micro to Small, Brick & Modular) / DirectLogic 06 (Expandable Micro Brick PLC) / PLC Units DL06 CPU, 20 DC in / 16 Relay out, requires external 110-220 VAC power, includes 300mA 24VDC auxiliary device power supply. 14.8k words total (7679 words ladder - flash, 7488 words V-memory), RLL/RLLPLUS programming (DirectSOFT32 Version 4.0 or higher), two built-in RS-232C communication ports...
GS-485RJ12-CBL-2 Not Provided Wiring Solutions / ZipLink Pre-Wired Connection Cables & Modules / Connector Cables (Complete List) ZIPLink GS series drive communication cable, 6-pin RJ12 connector to 6-pin RJ12 connector, 3-wire straight-through, 26AWG, 2.0 meter (6.6 ft.) length. Cable used in conjunction with ZL-CDM-RJ12xxx distribution module can access a compatible RS-485 device network.
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  • Battery Solutions for Critical Oceanographic Communication Devices (.pdf)
    device. These gliders will once. again collect data pertaining to the water’s characteristics such as temperature and salinity, allowing. the Navy to better understand the elements they face when conducting their underwater missions. When working with oceanic devices for critical applications
  • Assistive Communication Device for Speech Pathology
    The Challenge: Effective communication is a difficulty faced by many people who have impaired speech along with a lack of hand control, which prevents them from writing or typing.
  • Using the PICmicro SSP for Slave I2C Communication
    of the I 2 C protocol and to show how PICmicro devices with the SSP or MSSP modules are used as a Slave device on an I 2 C bus. Using the PICmicro for Slave I2C Communication AN734. Using the PICmicro® SSP for Slave I2CTM Communication. device. An ACK (SDA held low) is sent if the data was. Author
  • The State of Industrial Serial Communication
    to play a major role in industrial systems for the next twenty years or more. In fact, the hot new communication technologies actually end up generating new opportunities for serial device manufacturers. Every new communication interface in this business eventually requires a way to connect
  • Rigid-Flex Medical Care Communication Handheld Device
    Epec was asked to help in the development of a new medical care communication system. The product was to use Apple iPod touch (R) technology in a portable medical device to streamline workflow in healthcare environments. Because the handheld device would be used to store patient charts and other
  • Using the PIC Devices' SSP and MSSP Modules for Slave I2C Communication
    Many devices in the PICmicro family have a Synchronous Serial Port (SSP) or Master Synchronous Serial Port (MSSP). These peripherals can be used to implement the SPI TM or I 2 C communication protocols. The purpose of this application note is to provide the reader with a better understanding
  • Embedded Computers for Integrated Railway Communication
    to integrate railway station communication systems. System Requirements. Backbone system for network redundancy. Built-in web server for real-time control and remote monitoring. Front-end communication computer for data processing and logging. Various devices must be well-managed and organized
  • EVOC JPC-8202 Used in Mobile Emergency Communication and Command System
    and the devices malfunction, communication and command would be out of order. On the other hand, satellite communication devices have a low popularity rate for their exorbitant costs. The only reliable and cost-effective communication method is single side band shortwave radio station, which is easy
  • Creating a Custom Ethernet Communication Interface to a Galil controller
    For most applications, the standard GalilTools communication libray or API (Application Programming Interface) provides the best method of communicating from either a Windows or Linux computer to a Galil controller. The GalilTools communication library provides calls such as "Command
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Using MPI + GPU Technology
    Remcom's MPI + GPU technology and large memory support are used to simulate an inter-vehicle communication system operating in traffic on a highway. This example demonstrates how massive electromagnetic design problems become tractable while still using the high resolution offered by an FDTD

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